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How to Save Mobile Battery: The Best Tips

How to Save Mobile Battery: The Best Tips

How To Save Mobile Battery: The Best Tips – Does your mobile battery last a short time? In this article, you discover ten tricks to save battery and the best applications you can download.

Does your iPhone or Android battery, at least, seem to have less capacity to take in electricity over time? Similarly to all rechargeable batteries, they gradually lose their effectiveness in the long run.

How to Save Battery on Your Mobile?

Large, high-resolution screens, location applications and the use of GPS, those running in the background, increasingly faster and more powerful processors, and the increasing use of our smartphones in our daily lives, such as making mobile payments or using it as a work tool are some of the causes that mean that we have to charge our devices more and more due to battery wear.

How to Save Battery on your Mobile_

To ensure that this wear and tear does not end up tying us to a mobile charger or an external battery and that we stop worrying too much about battery life, whether for personal or professional use, we can apply the following tricks to save battery :

1. Adjust Screen Brightness

One of the leading causes of battery use going up much faster is the screen’s brightness. By default, the device usually raises its illumination to the maximum for a better screen display. Find that balance so you can see the screen well without using too much battery or damaging your vision. The latest devices already have a built-in automatic brightness control system that adapts to the circumstances.

2. Turn off Bluetooth, Wifi, or Other Technologies

Leaving Bluetooth activated because connecting it to our car or for any other use consumes a lot of battery. This is like having a Wi-Fi point turned on to share data with other devices or NFC technology.

When you do not use these three tools, disable the icons so they are no longer used in the background.

3. Close Apps in the Background that you are no Longer Using

In the daily and uninterrupted use of our mobile device, we usually use several Apps practically simultaneously, and when we have finished, we forget to close them. These Apps continue to generate energy expenditure on our Android or iPhone mobile devices.

We advise that we close them immediately after finishing using them or once we stop using our device.

4. Disconnect the Vibration of the Mobile

Perhaps it is one of the unknown causes, but the mobile’s vibration consumes a lot of battery. For this reason, we advise that you always try to deactivate this option, even if it is strictly necessary due to your environment. If you do not feel comfortable with the sound of the calls, the best option is to leave the mobile silent.

5. Turn off Automatic Updates

To save battery and megabytes, disable automatic updates on your mobile phone and update new versions of the operating system when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

6. Recharge the Battery before it Runs Out Completely

Despite what many of us believe that we have to wait for the storm to run out entirely so that our battery’s life lasts longer, this is incorrect. The best thing is not to wait for our phone to turn off to put it on charge and check how the battery counter is doing. When we charge it, assigning it to 99% is recommended, not by peaks.

7. Activate the Energy-Saving Mode

Practically all phones already include the “battery saving mode” that automatically regulates the screen’s brightness, the processor’s speed, etc. Activating this function does not mean using your phone with less potential but lengthening the life of your battery and taking care of her

8. Update your Device Software

Keeping our phone up to date with the latest updates to our software will help us increase its profitability and all its functions without using more battery than adequate.

9. Turn off Notifications

This will prevent us from being tied to our devices and the screen from lighting up unnecessarily. A small gesture that will allow us to save battery and time. If you need to activate those of a specific app, you can always configure your device only to have the most important ones or synchronize your smartwatch with the mobile to receive them there.

10. Keep an Eye on the Temperature of your Device

It may seem insignificant, but sudden changes in temperature or subjecting your device to very high or low temperatures will make your device have to make a more significant effort to maintain the right temperature for your device to work correctly.

Best Apps to Save Battery

In addition to these tips, we recommend installing one of these Apps to save battery. It will be the application that performs different actions autonomously to extend the time of charging your device:

DU Battery Saver

According to experts, the best Android battery-saver app is Cooler. Its cooling function is to stop Apps from running in the background. It monitors programs or apps we do not use to eliminate them. You can download it for free on the Google Play Store, and its power management mode will allow you to take care of your mobile’s battery.

It is one of the most downloaded programs because it analyzes user behavior to restrict battery power to unnecessary functions.

System Status Lite

On the other hand, the best battery saver app for iPhone (iOS devices) is the one that is straightforward to operate and allows you to optimize your phone’s functions to save battery. It analyzes the use of RAM, activity time, etc., and also gives us the option of knowing the average load in the last few minutes and informs us when the different parameters change.

Battery HD

This battery-saving app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Its interface may be the most straightforward and most practical. Thanks to this App, you can know how many hours are left to use different programs on your device, among other functions similar to those described in the other Apps.

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