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How to Turn Your Smartphone into a PC?

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a PC?

How To Turn Your Smartphone into a PC – Do you want to turn your smartphone into a PC? Whether you consume an Android, iPhone, or Windows mobile, we explain how to connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to turn it into your workstation.

Organize. Do you want to turn your mobile into a PC? It is not only a simple smartphone but also your work computer. It’s possible! Today’s phones have practically the power of a PC. So much so that you can use Office, Photoshop, browse the Internet, and many other things that until now were more typical of a computer than a phone. So, how can your Android, Windows, or iPhone mobile also be your PC?

Imagine for a moment. You have everything on your phone: photos, documents, games, messages, notes… You get home and continue instead of leaving it in a corner. You plug it into an adapter and keep working, but in this case, with a monitor that gives you much more space and the speed of a keyboard and mouse. If you have to go, no problem. Disconnect and continue on the bus or wherever you are.

So, what makes up a computer? First, the CPU, the box. Then, a monitor, a keyboard, and a screen. Perfect, you already have the CPU; it’s your phone! How do I attach a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to my smartphone? We explain how to do it with the leading mobile operating systems.

Windows Phone – How To Turn Your Smartphone into a Computer?


If your mobile is equipped with a Windows Phone, you should know that Microsoft has Display Dock, a device capable of transforming your smartphone into a computer. You can connect your Lumia with Windows 10 to a screen, mouse, and keyboard. The only problem with this method is that it is incompatible with all devices. That is, it is designed for the Lumia 950 family.

To complete this process, your screen or monitor must have an HDMI or a DisplayPort input. This is likely since most modern televisions incorporate at least one HDMI port. The keyboard and the mouse will be connected to this device via USB. Thus, it will transmit between your phone and the peripherals.

On the screen, you will see Windows 10 just as you would on a computer, except that you can see data about your phone, such as battery levels or its menu. It also presents something very innovative: you can carry out a task from the phone itself and another from the monitor to which it is connected.

It must be said that Microsoft’s solution is one of the most advanced if we want to turn our phone into a computer. Although it has a price…

Price: Windows Dock costs 99 euros (it may seem expensive, but how much would it cost you to buy a computer?)

Android – How to Turn Your Smartphone into a PC?


Computers with the Android operating system are accessible and have many facilities for connecting peripherals.

If you have a keyboard and mouse with Bluetooth, you can connect it to your mobile straightforwardly. On the other hand, if your phone has an OTG port, you can also click a USB keyboard or mouse using an OTG to a USB adapter. This connector will also serve you, for example, when connecting an external hard drive and other USB devices. Once you have done this, you can manage your mobile through these peripherals.

But how can you see your mobile on a monitor or television? Your phone must have a connector compatible with TV output. It may have a separate Micro HDMI connector, although this is becoming rare. Typically, the charging connector is consistent with the Slimport or MHL standard. If you are unsure, this article explains in more detail the different ways to connect a mobile to the television.

If you are a little confused, we summarize that connecting a keyboard and a mouse via Bluetooth is the easiest thing. Then, you connect the phone to the TV by cable. On the other hand, there are also HDMI adapters and USB ports, which are directly related to your phone’s charging port. The latter would be the easiest and most ideal solution, but you must ensure it is compatible with your phone, as not all Android smartphones use the same standards.

iPhone – How to Turn Your Smartphone into a PC?

Turn Smartphone into a Computer

The solution for turning them into computers for Apple iPhone phones is similar to the one we offer for Android.

To connect a monitor, the easiest and cheapest way is to use an official Apple cable or its white-label equivalent with HDMI output. We also have the option to do it through Apple TV, which is much more expensive. If you buy a cable, depending on your iPhone’s age, you must ensure it uses a Lightning port (iPhone 5 or newer) or the old 30-pin connector (older models).

Now, you will have to connect your keyboard and mouse. However, iOS does not have mouse support, so you can only connect a keyboard via Bluetooth. However, there is a trick: If your device is ‘hacked’ (jailbroken), there are ways to connect a mouse. Although this is not the official way, it would not be the most advisable.

Now, you will have to connect your keyboard and mouse. However, iOS does not have mouse support. So you can only join a keyboard via BlueTooth. However, there is a trick: If your device is ‘hacked’ (jailbroken), there are ways to click a mouse. Although this is not the official way, it would not be the most advisable.

Mobile Storage – How to Turn Your Smartphone into a PC?

At this point, we already have a valuable computer. Our mobile acts as a CPU, and we have already connected a monitor, keyboard, and perhaps a mouse. We download the right apps to work. The only problem that we can find is the mobile’s storage. Phones often have limited memory. In this case, some offer the possibility of using microSD memory cards. But suppose this is impossible with your terminal, or you would like a more advanced solution. In that case, we recommend comparing cloud storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) since there are unlimited online space options for only 5 euros per month.

Are you ready to take the next step and turn your smartphone into a computer? Your phone is ready. Perhaps what is missing is a chance to change your thinking and see your mobile as something else. You can most comfortably access your music, photos, and files and even write and carry out all the tasks you would do with a regular computer but on your phone. The future was this!

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