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04 Mar 2024
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This is What your Computer Consumes On

Computer Consumes On – Controlling the consumption of our devices is essential to save on the electricity bill. However, sometimes we may doubt how much a particular device spends. In this article, we are going to explain what is the electricity consumption of having a computer. You will know how much your equipment spends and thus be able to calculate the daily or monthly consumption. Of course, as you will see, it will depend on the type of device since not all consume the same.

How much Does a Computer Consume?

Over time, computers have been improving in terms of efficiency. Today they consume much less than 15 years ago, for example. The resolves also depend on the screen’s size, the power it has, the use at that time, etc. You must bear in mind that each component will have a consumption. For example, the fans, the processor, the RAM… But of course, some features are only activated at certain times. If you use a laptop with a battery, you will notice that it drains more when you turn on Wi-Fi or start playing games, for example.

If we consider a laptop, which most of us use today, we can indicate that it usually consumes between 200 and 250 W. It can be less or extra, depending on the device and also the use that we give it. If it is a desktop computer, it would be necessary to raise the consumption a little more through the screen.

Let’s say that, on average, our laptop consumes 225 W. Next, you want to know how long you will use that computer. Let’s say you work with him and want to see the consumption of your 8-hour working day. Let’s also say that you will use it 24 days a month. The following would be to know the price you pay per kWh, which we can put; you have to calculate the total hours, which would be 192 (8 hours for 24 days) multiplied by the W or watt, which in this case, we have put 225. You divide that figure by 1,000, and it gives you the result.

You can transfer that figure to a whole year, to 6 months, to a day, to an hour… It is calculated based on what you need to know. Therefore, you will need to know the W of consumption, the use hours, and the current kWh price.

Calculate Consumption with a Plug

You can also help yourself with a plug that lets you know any device’s consumption. It is advantageous to calculate how much a computer spends, for example, and any other device you have plugged in at home. You have to plug it into electricity and connect any device.

These consumption meters are cheap, although the price will depend on the characteristics of each one. You can find them for 15-20 euros. Some can be configure to assign a price per kWh, and it directly calculates how much each device consumes at all times.

In short, as you can see, it is easy to calculate how much a computer consumes. You can calculate how much you spend during a day, month, or year. [You must know how many hours you use it and how much it consumes.] You can transfer it from there to the invoice’s actual cost.

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