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Discover Different Types of Email Marketing and Its main KPIs

Discover Different Types of Email Marketing and Its main KPIs

Types of Email Marketing – You have undoubtedly heard of email marketing recently. With the growth of digital transformation and the volume of emails we receive throughout the day, it is clear that email is one of the best strategies for attracting customers.

One of the many advantages of this potential tool is that it offers the possibility of transmitting a more personalized message to our community than a social network post. At the same time, you can see it from any device. For that reason, in this post, I would like to talk to you about the importance of email marketing; therefore, we will delve into the subject mentioning the main KPIs and the most used types of email marketing.

Email Marketing, and Why is it so Important?

First, we will start by clarifying the concept of email marketing. As we have already said, it is a communication tool whose main objective is the conversion of leads (contacts) to future clients through email automation.

Regarding the question, why is it so essential to develop this strategy? Well, email is one of the most used direct channels by people; social networks have indeed become a very effective method to involve a community in our products or services; however, there are still people that resist

However, email is the most popular means of communication. Did you know that there are more than four billion email accounts?

The resources offered by email marketing are endless; some of them can be building lasting relationships, retaining your audience, increasing sales, improving brand image, and all this with a minimum investment. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate email marketing into your marketing strategy.

To give you an idea of ​​its rank, we will mention the many advantages of this communication channel:

Information Exchange: This tool establishes a closer relationship with your community; you can offer exclusive discounts to your subscribers or create complete content campaigns through which you obtain recommendation surveys.

Minimal Investment: Email automation allows you to reach numerous people without needing a sizeable financial capacity.

Maximize your Sales: remember that every time the reader reads one of your emails, it is very likely that you have caused interest in them, and a door is opened to your website where they will find a place to satisfy their needs.

Main KPIs of Email Marketing:

Another advantage offered by this type of communication is the possibility of measuring and understanding the behavior of our audience thanks to the analysis measurement function that the different email marketing tools have.

In this way, we identify their tastes and interests, and we can offer them the content that best suits them.

To evaluate the performance of your campaigns, it is essential that you first define the objectives you intend to achieve, such as increasing traffic to your website, increasing the number of subscribers, achieving more outstanding deliverability, providing valuable content, etc.

The main Email Marketing KPIs that you need to know to optimize your campaigns are:

Open Rate:

The opening rate communicates the percentage of people who have opened your email. That is, this index provides us with very relevant information since it lists those people who have been interested in our products, and we have managed to capture their attention.

To improve the opening rate, we can customize the email’s subject line and get our contacts’ attention.

Click Rate:

This KPI will provide information on the number of people who click on a link in our email, and the click rate will help us measure objectives such as traffic to our website and check which are the most popular pages.

To raise the number of clicks, you must pay special attention to the care of your CTAs.

Reactivity Rate:

The reactivity rate is the number of clicks from your contacts divided by the number of times the message is opened. This data illustrates very well the efficiency that your campaign is having since if your reactivity rate is low, it means that your community is encouraged to read your message. Still, its content is not interesting for them.

Cancellation Fee:

The cancellation rate indicates the number of people who have decided to unsubscribe from your emails. If this figure is high, perhaps you should ask yourself if you are sending too many emails.

Bounce Rate:

This index refers to those contacts who have not received your email in their inbox. We recommend that you ensure you have the correct email for each connection to avoid errors of this type.

Minimal investment: Email automation allows you to reach numerous people without needing a sizeable financial capacity.

Maximize your sales: remember that every time the reader reads one of your emails, it is very likely that you have caused interest in them, and a door is opened to your website where they will find a place to satisfy their needs.

Most Popular Email Marketing Platforms:

Once you know the basic information of this marketing strategy, it is time to take action and mention the most used email marketing tools:


The primary purpose of this platform is to automate your email campaigns at a price that suits any pocket. Sendinblue stands out for:

Have one of the most competitive prices, offering the amount of 20,000 for the modest price of €19.

  • With an online store, Sendinblue will be your perfect ally since it has features such as importing customer orders and customizing your indicators.
  • Another feature that makes it unique is the possibility of SMS marketing.
  • It comprises 65 templates that will give your emails a more personal look.
  • It is available in five languages.


This cloud-based tool differs from the rest by having a system focused on optimizing email delivery.

  • It is a very intuitive platform due to its dashboard’s ease of drag and drop. Why Mailjet?
  • There is the option to adapt your emails to mobile devices
  • You can send up to 6,000 emails per month and 200 days.
  • You will be able to improve communication between departments, as it allows real-time collaboration in the same email of several people.
  • It has more than 80 integrations, including several e-commerce platforms.

Easy Mailing:

An email marketing tool of Spanish origin, popular among those unfamiliar with the world of marketing, such as SMEs and freelancers, for offering a simple but efficient email marketing service. Easy mailing offers possibilities such as:

  • Import contacts using Excel files.
  • Assistant in Spanish 24 hours a day.
  • Schedule specific actions through an email marketing calendar.


What sets Hubspot apart from other email marketing apps is that it’s packed with innovative sending services and automation, making it a favorite among the most effective marketing departments.

Hubspot allows you to record calls directly from your own CRM, has a library of sales content, and helps you know when a user opens one of your emails.


Another of the tools best known by marketing professionals is Mailchimp, and this platform has multiple functionalities, hence its relevance among the sizeable digital marketing agencies, among them some such as:

  • Free until you reach 2000 subscribers and then pay in real time benefits small businesses.
  • Statistics and data reports to analyze the effectiveness of shipments.
  • It favors the management of different campaigns, helping to implement cross-selling for those users we have already managed to convert into clients of our business.


The main difference that has made Mailrealy stand out from other email marketing platforms is its ability to complete marketing campaigns through mass email (up to 75,000 free monthly emails for 15,000 contacts).

Among its numerous advantages, we can find:

  • Intuitive and straightforward to handle editing system.
  • Advanced statistics.
  • Customer service is available to the user.


And last but not least, ActiveCampaing has a constantly growing CRM software in which you can automatically execute tasks related to customer management, such as the following:

  • Set reminders.
  • Assign tasks according to the stage of the sales funnel in which the client is.
  • Notify marketing or sales teams of lead needs.

Once the importance of the email marketing strategy has been demonstrated, we encourage you to get down to work and improve communication with your target audience through this valuable channel.

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