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Airtran, The Accessory to Find any Lost Object

Airtran, The Accessory to Find any Lost Object

Airtran, The Accessory to Find any Lost Object- Apple always tries to surprise with its new launches or evolutions in software, and with the arrival of the airbag, we can say that it has succeeded. A new product that joins the extensive Apple catalog and, this time, with a clear idea and simplicity can also be helpful.

If you still don’t fully know what this gadget can find any product offers, pay attention because it may be the solution you need for your next trip or so that your house keys are never lost. It is a device that promises to revolutionize the world due to its many possibilities despite its small size.

What is an Airbag?

To begin to understand the Apple gadget, we can summarize it as a small product that can be placed anywhere so that we can find it with our iPhone. It is essential to mention that, for now, it cannot be used on Android mobiles. If we have a smartphone with the most used operating system, we will have to resort to Samsung SmartTags that work similarly.

The Apple AirTag comprises three parts: a base, the 3V CR2032 battery, and the protective cap. Although the battery may be small, the truth is that it has an address of up to one year because this gadget enters a maximum battery-saving state whenever we do not try to locate it.

How Does the Airbag Work?

Contrary to what we can imagine, this product does not work via Bluetooth but is based on ultra-wideband or UWB technology. This technology allows us to emit signals detectable by our iPhone to know where it is through rounds that exceed 500 MHz.

To find the Air Tag and the related product to which we have linked it, we will have to configure it previously with the Search app, and thus, it will be connected to our Apple account. This allows you to locate it not only with the iPhone but also with the Mac or the iPad. To make this possible when we are very far away from the airbag, it benefits from the connection of other iPhones around it, creating a network of information that reaches our iPhone to bring us closer to where it is.

This does not imply any security risk for the product since only we will be where it is, and neither will the rest of the iPhone pass through, which only functions as a bridge, and we will never know who it is.

The only time someone can detect an Air Tag is if, for example, our suitcase with the Air Tag is left inside a friend’s car. This causes our friend to receive an alert that our Air Tag is traveling with him. This also prevents it from being used as a locator for people, something for which it is not designed.

This accessory also includes a small speaker that emits a faint sound, making it easier to find the product when we are close to it. For further assistance, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have the option of Precise Air Tag Search, showing the address where it is stated on the Screen and the most exact distance possible.

If someone finds our lost AirTag through NFC. They can detect who you belong to and contact us to send it to us again.

Where can we Place the Airbag?

Now that we know everything we can do with the airbag and how it works, it’s time to place it so as not to lose anything else. For this, there are different accessories, such as the airbag keychain or one of the many AirTag accessories with endless options, which allows us to place it on the keys or our dog’s leash.

We can use these accessories wherever we want. And among those ideas that will be the first you think of, we have to add the suitcase, which we can place inside so that no blow damages it or causes us to lose it.

Other beneficial cases are, for example. On an electric scooter, bicycle, or coat when we go to an event, in our bag, or even in our car. If we sleep on the street and don’t want any surprises.

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