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What to do with your Old Ipod: Uses for a New Life

What to do with your Old Ipod: Uses for a New Life

Old iPod – The iPod is one of Apple’s most excellent iconic devices. In its day, this device came to rival MP3 players and was significantly up to the task. However, today it has become a relic with the number of dedicated mobile apps for listening to music and watching videos. If you’re pondering what to do or what you can do with your old iPod now that it’s no longer supported by software, here are some ideas for giving it a new lease of life.

The iPod will no longer have any Support.

The iPod will no longer have any Support.

Although we hope that day never comes, we are usually aware that at some point, all our devices will reach the stage where the terminal runs out of support from the manufacturer.

There are only three options: save it as an “heirloom,” continue using it even if it is entirely outdated, or renew it for a more current one. Many manufacturers offer “renewal plans.

The second option is what has happened to those who once bought an iPod since it stopped receiving support. Apple will no longer manufacture the device.

The case of Apple’s multimedia player is very particular since we are dealing with an obsolete device.

At the time, the brand clarified that the iPhone was the best device for enjoying Apple Music or storing a complete music library anywhere.

For its part, the Apple Watch and AirPods were the perfect complements since they allowed us to contact more than 90 million songs directly from the wrist.

In other words, the natural leap for the iPod, the end of which was probably scheduled, was to purchase an iPhone and its accessories outright.

And now, What do I do with my old iPod?

This is a recurring question since it is known that the iPod will not exist again. Renewing the device is always an option, but if the device still works, why abandon it?

Everything depends on the version as far as storage is concerned, and the same goes for the software version since the passage of time is accused in these cases. But you can always give your old iPod a second life. Let’s see some ideas.

Keep using it as a Media Player and Play.

This is the most innovative option. Its screen is enough to view multimedia content and listen to music. Even if you use your iPhone, if you exclusively use the iPod for the multimedia section, you will save a lot of battery on the phone.

Also, suppose it is compatible with the latest games. In that case, you will have a fascinating device, especially if it can play all the titles Apple Arcade promises and the game service is available to users.

Use it as a Secondary Camera.

If you have the model that came out in 2019, you still have an exemplary terminal nearby. If this is your case, it is not worth forgetting it in a drawer.

Remember that its A10 chip was already compatible with augmented reality, and its camera is still more than enough to take photos.

Use it as External Hard Storage.

Another option you can consider when using your old iPod is to use it as an extra storage device.

You will have enough internal space to download essential photos that you do not want to lose and that you have uploaded to iCloud or any cloud service that you have available.

Recycle It

If you don’t want to keep your device, you can ask Apple if it is possible to recycle it. The brand should be able to take care of the operation and may be able to give you some money or a voucher towards your next purchase inside the house.


Some users want to have these devices, considering that they are almost cult objects. And we are talking about special devices whose sweet design attracted above all because of the number of colors available in specific versions.

If the collecting bug bites you, you may be interested in making a small private collection and having all those models you did not have at the time. And if you do not open them, they may increase in value in a few years.

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