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Bright Lighting Comes to your Home

Bright Lighting Comes to your Home

Bright Lighting is a desirable investment for your home. For many people, it is still an accessory to do without because they do not consider it to add much to their home. However, when they try it, most realize how technology can dramatically improve their quality of life. In this case, we want to talk to you about a range of light bulbs that will make your life easier because they will not only illuminate your home but also take the sound wherever you want, have absolute control, and even improve your Internet connections…

Bright Lighting Comes to your Home - Infotech Homes

The range that we detail below is what is new from Sengled. You will see great options for getting the most ideal for your home, and each one solves basic needs and improves comfort. Take a look at the novelties and bet for enhancing the comfort of your home with the light bulbs that you find just below:

This is the Sengled Range

Below we show you the novelties with which Sengled intends to demonstrate that intelligent lighting in the home can give a lot of itself, make your life easier, and become an ideal phenomenon to improve your habitability and comfort. Domestic.

Pulse Flex: Audio Multizonay WiFi

Pulse Flex is an innovative LED bulb developed by the renowned HiFi manufacturer JBL that integrates multi-zone audio playback through its speakers. Thanks to its WiFi interface, it connects to the home network and, while lighting up the room, plays music from the user’s library, streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer, home servers, and numerous entertainment devices.

Sengled Pulse: Audio Bluetooth

Like Pulse Flex, Sengled Pulse integrates a JBL speaker into a commonly used E27 LED bulb, but it works differently. The solution includes a master bulb, which controls the system, and up to 7 satellite bulbs. Audio is streamed to the Pulse bulb via Bluetooth, so you can control it and send information to it from any device you have a Bluetooth connection with

Sengled Pulse Solo: LED Light and Stereo Sound

Sengled Pulse Solo works autonomously on desk lamps or bedside tables. It’s a single bulb with two 3W JBL® speakers that reproduce multi-channel stereo sound. It is perfect for rooms where you need an independent light bulb that is unrelated to the rest of the house’s installation.

More Excellent WiFi Coverage: Sengled Boost

Sometimes, the coverage does not reach all home points equally, such as the terrace, the patio, or some rooms. The same can happen in small offices: there are rooms and offices with better connections than others. For that, you have a light bulb that integrates a repeater, making it easy for the relationship to be wherever you need it.

Putting bright lighting in your home can be expensive at first glance. However, it is an exciting investment in making life much more comfortable in your home and, at the same time.

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