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Fast Pair makes it Easy to Connect your Bluetooth Headphones

Fast Pair makes it Easy to Connect your Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones: Wireless headphones are becoming more and more visible in public spaces. You can come across them in all big cities, even not only when you see people running in parks or squares. Right now, the market offers models for every taste and pocket, so the price range is extensive. Pairing these accessories with Bluetooth has undoubtedly become a daily activity. Then it can be a source of frustration for some. Fast Pair is here to help you.

Everything is better with Bluetooth.” Those who use connected devices daily can quickly identify with this phrase pronounced by the character of the scientist Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) in the Big Bang Theory series. In less than ten years, we’ve grown accustomed to plugging in our speakers, headphones, mouse, and winter hats. The BlueTooth connection is part of the technological arsenal within the implementation of the STOP-COVID platform in France. However, while pairing Bluetooth accessories is an increasingly common activity, it can be frustrating for many people.

Bluetooth Headphones


To make life easier for people who struggle to pair their Android phone with BlueTooth, Google is launching Fast Pair. Designed for smartphones running Android version 6.0 or higher, this feature detects the phone and automatically connects it to the headset. This can be very useful if you leave your Bluetooth headphones lying around and immediately forget where you put them. If you have “true” wireless headphones (headphones that aren’t linked by cables or wires), you’ll be able to ring just the left or right earbuds. In the event of loss, you can check your last known position in the “Find My Device” app if you have enabled location history.


Fast Pair also helps you recharge your true wireless earbuds. You will receive a phone notification about the battery level of each component (right earphone, left earphone, and the case itself, if it has one) when you open the charging case. The greatest significant thing is that you will know exactly when to recharge the headphones since the program alerts you when the battery of the headphones and the case are running low. There is, therefore, no risk of running out of batteries.


Finally, Fast Pair contributes to better management of the pairing of Bluetooth accessories. You can customize your device for wireless headphones or earphones to make it easier to find. You will then see the accessory’s name, including your name, after it has been successfully paired with Bluetooth. For example, the Pixel Buds will be renamed “David Pixel Buds.” On phones running Android 10, you’ll also be able to adjust headphone settings, link to Google Assistant, and access Find My Device right from the device details page.

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