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08 Dec 2023

How to use Android Auto Wirelessly?

How to use Android Auto Wirelessly – Google knows how important it is that its users have all the necessary tools so that their mobile becomes an essential element. In fact, it has been able to unseat other devices in some specific functions. It happens, for example, with GPS, which is slowly going out of style. Android Auto is an efficient and versatile application that will help make your trips more comfortable and that you can use without cables.

Use Android Auto Wirelessly in your Car

You are having a cell phone nearby while driving is essential. You may need it to secure your route or in case you need to make an emergency call. But beware: safety comes first, and we will not recommend anything that puts you in danger.

That is to say: you can carry your mobile in a pocket, in the different compartments near the equipment lever, or the passenger seat, but you should not drive while handling it. If you do, you face a fine of 200 euros and withdraw six points on your card.

In this sense, Android also reinforces security. Some features like Android Auto and Google Assistant help you manage your phone with voice commands. And this will help you keep your eyes on the road.

The vast majority of users have this feature in the car’s center console, so it is perfect for taking a quick look at the GPS and following the marked path.

What happens is that the connection has to be made through a cable. But if you don’t have or want to install it, you can learn to use Android Auto without wires.

The First Option: Use only the Phone

One feature of every Android smartphone is the ability to pair with Android Auto. The newer ones already have it integrated as standard, so using the app you can download from the Google Play Store is not necessary. However, many choose to download it anyway.

This is also a great help if you want to use Android Auto wirelessly. And once you enter the app from your phone you will have all the options if you used it connected to your car. The only difference is the screen, perhaps more comfortable in the car.

Of course, Google is considering the possibility of withdrawing the mobile app. That’s why we recommend downloading it while you can, although if all you use is Maps, you won’t miss much if you activate the assistant commands on your phone.

How to use Android Auto Wirelessly?

Not all car models are compatible with the wireless Android Auto function, although they are supported by physical connection. Fashionable this case, you will not be able to do much, although we will give you a couple of tricks.

Nevertheless of whether or not the car is compatible with Android Auto wireless, as a user, you must activate the Android Auto wireless mode. For this, you must do the following:

  • Search your smartphone for Android Auto settings
  • Go to the bottom of the menu and tap several times on the version part. This will activate the developer mode, which you can access from the menu by pressing the three buttons in the upper right.
  • Here it would help if you navigated until you found the option to enable Android Auto wireless connection

Here you will no longer have to do anything else with your phone beyond activating Bluetooth to connect it to your car. If it is compatible with this technology, you will have nothing else to worry about, but otherwise, you have two options:

  • Use a dongle that transfers the signal to the car
  • Use an old mobile as a second screen

At this last point, you must configure the other phone with an additional application that will allow you to transfer the data from one terminal to another directly.

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