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Google Gemini – To Chat with Gemini to Supercharge Your Ideas

Google Gemini – To Chat with Gemini to Supercharge Your Ideas

Google’s trying to make surfs with Gemini, its leading suite of generative AI models, apps, and services.

So what is Gemini? How can you use Gemini? And how does Gemini stack up to the race?

To make it easy to keep up with the latest Gemini developments, they put together this handy guide, which we’ll keep updated as new Gemini models, features, and news about Google’s plans for Gemini are released.

What is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini gives you direct access to Google AI. Get help with writing, planning, learning, and more.

What is Google Gemini_

Gemini is Google’s long-promised, next-gen GenAI model family, developed by Google’s DeepMind and Google Research AI research labs. It comes in three flavors:

  • Gemini Ultra is the most performant Gemini model.
  • Gemini Pro is a “lite” Gemini model.
  • Gemini Nano is a smaller “distilled” model that runs on Smartphone devices like the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

All Gemini models were trained to be “natively multimodal” — in other words, able to work with and use more than just words. They were trained and fine-tuned on audio, images, videos, many codebases, and text in different languages.

This sets Gemini apart from models such as Google’s LaMDA, which was trained exclusively on text data. LaMDA can’t understand or generate anything besides text (e.g., essays, email drafts), but that isn’t true with Gemini models.

How Google Gemini Works?

When you enter a prompt into Google Gemini, it replies with a response using the data it already knows or fetches from other sources, like other Google services.

Google Gemini gives you access to large language models

The language models learn by “reading” trillions of words that help them pick up on patterns that make up language, which allows them to pick up on and answer your questions in common language patterns

They are always learning, which means they also learn from your prompts, responses, and feedback

Gemini will make mistakes and might even say something offensive

Ways to use Google Gemini

Here are some prompt examples you can try out:

  • “Explain projectile motion using everyday examples.”
  • “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?”
  • “Help me brainstorm a title for my short story.”

Gemini isn’t Human

It doesn’t have thoughts or feelings, even though it might sound human. Remember:

  • Google Gemini can’t replace anyone in your life, like family, teachers, friends, or doctors.
  • Google Gemini can’t do your work for you.
  • Google Gemini can’t make important life decisions for you.

What’s the Difference Between the Gemini models and Gemini apps?

Google, showing once again that it lacks a knack for marking, didn’t make it clear from the outset that Gemini is separate and distinct from the Gemini apps on the web and mobile (formerly Bard). The Gemini apps are simply an interface through which specific Gemini models can be accessed — think of it as a client for Google’s GenAI.

Incidentally, the Gemini apps and models are also totally independent from Imagen 2, Google’s text-to-image model available in some of the company’s dev tools and environments.

Is Gemini better than OpenAI’s GPT-4?

Google has repeatedly flaunted Gemini’s superiority on benchmarks, claiming that Gemini Ultra surpasses current state-of-the-art results on “30 of the 32 extensively used academic standards used in large language model research and development.” Meanwhile, the company says that Gemini 1.5 Pro is more skilled at tasks like summarizing content, brainstorming, and writing than Gemini Ultra in some scenarios; presumably, this will change with the release of the next Ultra model.

But leaving aside the question of whether standards indicate a good model, the scores Google points to appear to be only slightly better than OpenAI’s matching models. And — as stated earlier — some early imitations haven’t been incredible, with users and academics pointing out that the older version of Gemini Pro has a habit of getting basic facts wrong, struggles with translations, and gives poor coding suggestions.

How much does Gemini Cost?

Gemini 1.5 Pro is free to use in the Gemini apps and, for now, AI Studio and Vertex AI.

Once Gemini 1.5 Pro exits preview in Vertex, though, the model will cost $0.0025 per character while output will cost $0.00005 per character. Vertex clients pay per 1,000 characters (about 140 to 250 words) &, in the situation of models like Gemini Pro Vision, per image ($0.0025).

Let’s adopt a 500-word article containing 2,000 characters. Summarizing that article with Gemini 1.5 Pro would cost $5. In the meantime, generating an article of a similar length would cost $0.1.

Ultra pricing has yet to be announced.

Is Gemini Coming to the iPhone Series?

It might! Apple and Google are reportedly in talks to use Gemini for several features to be included in an upcoming iOS update later this year. Nothing’s definitive, as Apple is reportedly in talks with OpenAI and has been developing its own GenAI capabilities.

Want to know more?

Get to know the tech behind Gemini through this essential reading list.


In conclusion, we explain how to chat with Gemini to supercharge your ideas. To get started, you can type, talk, use an image, or take a photo.

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