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Why have a data management and recovery tool

Why have a data management and recovery tool

Why have a data management and recovery tool – In the computer world, we know security incidents as all those events that represent a risk to the security or the company’s information systems: social engineering attacks, denial of service, malware, phishing, ransomware, deletion or loss of information, etc.

Some incidents can be easily managed, but others slip out of our hands, causing damage to our regular work infrastructure. They are called disasters. Therefore, it is essential to have efficient data management and recovery tool.

This object will tell you what it is for and why your company needs it. Keep reading!

The reality of the power of data in the company

For any business, data is a valuable resource that allows you to increase your competitiveness, make better decisions, improve your products and services, and better understand your customers. Having accurate data, whether in sales, accounting, marketing, or other areas, is key to the proper functioning of the company and its growth and prosperity.

As a general rule, the information you handle in your business is related to the sector in which you are located. For example, in the industrial field, it is essential to guarantee the confidentiality of the processes that provide competitiveness over the competition; in the financial sector, we work with data related to financial transactions for the sale of assets; the retail industry has access to information on the purchase history and consumption habits of customers; etc.

Ultimately, companies collect and store confidential and internal information that requires strong management and prevention. Hence, the importance of having data management and recovery tools.

Find out what a data management and recovery tool is

On the one hand, a data management tool is an administrative solution that combines and manages information from different sources. It collects, cleans, and transforms this information without compromising its integrity to access it and organizes and stores the data efficiently, facilitating its analysis and understanding.

On the other hand, a data recovery system is a tool used to recover lost files from a storage medium, either due to a hard drive failure, because they have been accidentally deleted, or for other reasons.

Now, having a single tool that includes data management and recovery can benefit any company.

Reasons to have an efficient data recovery system

What to do if your files are deleted due to a system failure?

All companies must have advanced data recovery tools and processes to recover files from any operating system, hard drive, the device… Living with the security of being able to recover your business information at any time is a guarantee of continuity.

If you still have worries, we recommend you read the main reasons to have a data recovery system in your business:

[They restore data contained in storage media, such as internal or external hard drives, mobile devices, USBs, etc.]

[They reduce space, cost, and energy consumption thanks to their advanced technology.]

[They facilitate disaster recovery within minutes of an incident.]

They offer immunity to ransomware, a type of malware that blocks access to a device or its data.

Small, large, and medium-size companies must be prepare to prevent and protect. Themselves against any security incident that may impact their activity. This implies protecting work processes with measures and tools that allow recovery after an incident as soon as possible without compromising the continuity of its services. Remember that a planned response and the prompt recovery of files will positively impact your company’s reputation, in addition to mitigating the economic impact and the loss of information.

Are you ready to increase the capacity of your business and restore your services after a security incident?

Guarantees the data and its recovery in case of problems

Do you have a small business in which you manage data regularly? Would you like to reduce energy consumption while speeding up your business-critical applications? Doesn’t your company have a near-instantaneous disaster recovery tool?

In this section, we want to contextualize the need for companies. To have an efficient data recovery and management platform, starting with you.

Your business meets the needs of different customers every day. As you provide your services, your computing needs also grow: reduce space cost and energy consumption. Manage data reliably, guarantee recovery from possible problems. Improve the efficiency of applications you use, etc.

In this context, hyper-converged data management and recovery platforms. Have been develope for companies with Edge environments. Its main objective is to guarantee the data and its almost immediate recovery in case of problems with simple software.

As a result, small businesses, remote offices, and edge areas can benefit from a faster. And more reliable data management and recovery service. In addition, they guarantee the continuity of your business. And safeguard the confidential information of your work activity without great effort. These types of solutions merge the capabilities of primary and secondary infrastructure. Into a single unified tool. that Offers all the IT services that a company needs.

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