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Computer Noise: Possible Reasons and How to Solve Them?

Computer Noise: Possible Reasons and How to Solve Them?

Computer Noise – Does your computer make noise, and you don’t know why? The uncertainty is that you can no longer stand the noise of the computer or have never made that type of noise. We will tell you the possible causes and how to solve them. Above all, fixing these problems is crucial to prevent the computer from being affected. At Euronics, you will find different solutions to reduce computer noise efficiently.

Although you are looking for how to reduce or remove computer noise, you should also know the elements that cause it. As well as what is the best maintenance to achieve much quieter equipment that has high performance.

In most cases, the noise of computers is produced by the fan or other components such as the hard drive. The first thing is to detect where the computer’s noise comes from when turned on.

If you have detected that the noise of the computer is due to the fan, it is most likely that it is dusty, not subject to 100%, too small, or not powerful enough for the use you give your computer. So you should ensure that the fan is well attached, clean, and correct for the service you share with your computer.

Another component that may be producing noise during computer operation may be the hard drive. If it is a loud noise, you should replace the hard drive with a new one. It would be best to upgrade to a solid-state drive (SSD) to fix any hardware failure.

On the other hand, the power supply may overheat, producing an annoying noise. It does not support the additional load of the components you have been updating. So you must change the power supply to one with a fan capable of adequately cooling the rest of the members.

Reasons for Computer Noise

Various causes may be causing laptop noise or desktop noise.

Lack of Lubrication of the External Components of the Computer: to avoid noise due to lack of lubrication, it is necessary to lubricate the fan and the rest of the external components.

– Due to Dust and Dirt, it is convenient to clean the computer’s hardware elements from time to time. In this way, the accumulation of dust and dirt that ends up overheating the components, which generates the annoying noise, is avoided. You have to prevent the computer from overheating to reduce noise.

Placement of the Computer: the computer must place on a flat surface that does not overheat. Also, if the laptop overheats, it is necessary to use cooling pads that absorb some noise and vibrations.

New Computer Models

New Computer Models

If your computer cannot be fixed or you are looking for a higher-performance model, at infotech Home, you can find a wide variety of laptops and desktop computers with all kinds of elements. Among the great variety, we recommend the following models:

If you prefer a quality laptop with the best components, the HP OMEN 15-DC1044NS laptop has everything you need. Among its features, it has a maximum-performance processor, the ninth generation of the Intel Core i7 processor. Likewise, it offers top performance and fluidity during its operation thanks to its 16 GB RAM and large storage capacity of 1000 GB HDD and 512 GB SSD. Without a doubt, with this gaming laptop, you can perform all kinds of tasks without interruptions.

If you prefer a high-quality desktop computer, the HP 290-p0018NS Desktop Computer has everything you need. Its 8 GB RAM and Intel Core i3 processor enable it to operate without interruptions. So you can enjoy the outstanding performance in your day-to-day. In addition, with its 256 GB SSD storage hard drive, you can enjoy great operating speed. Its compact design allows this HP desktop computer to integrate into any room.


Although you are looking for how to reduce or remove computer noise, you should also know the elements that cause it, I hope this article you fine informative, for more please visit our website Please do comments for any suggestions.

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