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Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch: Are They Equally Good?

Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch: Are They Equally Good?

Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch Yesterday, the presentation of the Google Pixel 7 family took place together with the Pixel Watch. Watch with which the American company fully enters this market through a series of exciting features, but the vast majority wonder if it is truly up to the Apple Watch.

The Cupertino company has worked with its smartwatches for years, and is in its eighth generation. This implies better optimized and advanced technology, but this is not always the case since the Internet giant knows how to develop high-level devices. So, it is essential to compare both models to see if Google’s premiere with its watch is praiseworthy.

The Pixel Watch in Review

Pixel Watch

The new Apple Watch Series 8 arrives loaded with new features and exciting features that we will explore next, along with the Google Pixel Watch. The latter pretends to be the main competitor of the Apple watch, so it’s time to check if it has what it takes, and for this, we are going to use the key characteristics of each one:

A Screen Visible at all Times

The Google Pixel Watch stands out because of its highly circular design with a curved screen. This is a noticeable difference from the appearance of the Apple Watch, which opts for a square format. Both devices’ screens are similar since the Google watch equips a 3D AMOLED screen with 1,000 nits of brightness and an Always-on Display function. At the same time, Apple does the same with an OLED panel and the same brightness intensity, in addition to the always-on screen option. This means that both display the content on the screen in a visible way regardless of the conditions.

Power to Spare, But Less than Expected

One of the disappointments of the Pixel Watch for users is the processor it integrates inside. The big G smartwatch has a Samsung Exons 9110 chip, the same as the first Samsung Galaxy Watch. The truth is that we expected a more current CPU, although the power is not short. However, the Apple Watch Series 8 boasts exceptional performance that is very difficult to achieve, and with a 4-year-old chip, it is impossible to compare the results.

Number of Sensors – Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch: Are They Equally Good?

Measurement sensors could not be missing from the Pixel Watch, which has already become the norm for smartwatches. Google’s wearable comes with classic sensors to record heart rate, blood oxygen, and ambient lighting recognition, as well as other more common ones, such as a compass and gyroscope. However, the Apple Watch Series 8 goes one step further. It can detect accidents or falls and even measure body temperature to analyze women’s menstruation.

Battery Duration

Today, the battery of most smartwatches on the market lasts nearly the same duration. In this sense, the autonomy of the Pixel Watch is 294 mAh, so it will serve you to reach a day of use, but no more. The same goes for the eighth-generation Apple Watch, which promises up to 18 hours of battery life. Of course, we must remember that everything depends on the activity carried out with the device.

High-level Software

Google’s big bet with its clock is to create a perfectly optimized and integrated system. That is why they have been overly concerned about completely adapting all Google services to control the Pixel Watch. An interesting detail that Google mentioned is that it will have many watch faces available through Wear OS. In addition, it has Fitbit support for sports exercises to obtain detailed, advanced, and accessible information for the user. The Apple Watch Series 8 also bets on impeccable software and is full of possibilities, so there is a tie at first glance.

A Competitive Price

One of the most critical questions for users is what the smartwatch costs. The Google Pixel Watch starts at €379, versus the €499 starting price of the Apple Watch Series 8. A clear difference of more than 100 euros can be decisive for many in the community.

Apple’s watch is a cut above the newcomer Pixel Watch thanks to several key features, including more power and sensors. Also, remember that Google wearables are unavailable in Spain, so you must import them. It is undoubtedly a good start, but now it is time to polish the result, which is well on its way to integrating Google services.

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