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This is Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Home

This is Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Home

Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Home: As technology surprises us with its advances, humanity has proven that, in many cases, reality is stranger than fiction. Only last year, Mark Zuckerberg informed the world that he was working on developing a virtual assistant, that he would run his house and take care of various issues such as lighting or air conditioning. A clear example of artificial intelligence applied to the home.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, abbreviated by its acronym in English, is a rapidly growing sector. It refers to the interconnection of devices through the Internet, which allows them to “act” automatically and transmit information.

Can you imagine being able to dictate your grocery list to the fridge? You are right. Today that can happen, thanks to the development of devices equipped with sensors that capture data and provide customization of their functions. This is how some appliances can already order your purchases or reduce the light intensity in a room.

Advantages and Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence applied to the home offers excellent benefits, but without a doubt, comfort is one of the most appreciated. Additionally, it saves the home’s energy expenditure, helping significantly reduce habitual consumption.

Access to information is another aspect of great relevance in the Internet of things, as it lets us know what is happening in each space of our home with just one click. At least in the United States, it is believed that 22% of homes already have this type of technology to a greater or lesser extent, according to data from the 2017 Fjord Trends report.

Although devices equipped with artificial intelligence are not cheap, you must know what is available on the market. Most can be voice controlled:

Amazon Echo Show

Alexa is the name of Amazon’s virtual assistant, which has more than 15,000 skills adapted to the needs of each home. In addition to allowing you to view Internet content on your screen, it has a built-in security camera and can perform tasks such as controlling the temperature or light.


It is a multimedia center for the home. Residents can connect their mobiles to the device and use it as a search engine. They can ask for directions or listen to their favorite music. Since their “brain” is “Google Assistant,” they will have access to everything that appears on the Internet giant.

Home Pod

A convenient way to listen to music at home while connecting with devices that belong to HomeKit. It can be from security cameras and wireless switches to motion sensors.

Specific Areas

Some devices related to artificial intelligence are aimed at changing only certain routines of our daily lives, whether it is turning off the light or doing the shopping:


One of the features of intelligent fridges is reminding you of the expiration date of some groceries or what you need to buy. Internal cameras facilitate the work, creating notifications according to the owner’s instructions. Samsung, Siemens, and LG already have lines like this.

Locks and Doorbells

We may be facing the extermination of the keys. For example, August Home already sells a bell and two intelligent locks capable of blocking access and protecting doors. One peculiarity is that they are compatible with Apple, Amazon or Alexa supports.


These accessories are essential in the home, but nowadays, they offer much more than the possibility of showing your reflection. The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker system can perform a full body scan and check your hydration level, for example. In addition, it works as a touch screen and allows you to view news or listen to music.


Do you forget to turn off your electrical appliances after using them? This can be dangerous for you and those who live with you. The new intelligent plugs allow you to program your devices to activate at a particular time. Among the most prominent brands are DiO, TP-Link, and Panasonic.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Although the benefits of the Internet of Things are comprehensive, not everything is good. Someone interested in our daily life and with excellent computer knowledge can track, manipulate or even monitor our home by hacking the device. However, this is not easy to achieve.

The risk can violate the privacy of homes, offices, or companies. The competition, especially, would be interested in knowing what a specific company does and could pay large amounts of money to access that information. Some consortiums even engage in these practices to precisely target their advertisements.

It is too early to know the full scope of artificial intelligence applied to the domestic technology we currently use. Still, its dizzying progress leaves us with the certainty that we will soon be able to see its full potential. The big firms continue betting on this system and seem not to stop.

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