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The Best Fintech Apps on the Market

The Best Fintech Apps on the Market

The best fintech apps on the market – The period fintech is born from the union of the words “Finance” and “Technology,” so it can be understood as financial technology. In new years, many applications have been created that greatly simplify the economic activities of users, such as Fintonic or MyValue.

This application can be linked to bank accounts to record each movement. They are excellent for organizing monthly expenses and even creating savings items.

Money Manager Expense & Budget

It is available for Android and iOS and is one of the best finance control apps. It lets you to enter income and expenses manually and, based on this information, generates everyday, daily and monthly reports so that you can be aware of everything effortlessly. You can divide the costs into categories and export the data to Excel. The only drawback is that, for now, it is only available in English.

Daily Budgeting Original

Incredible as it may seem, managing your money can be easy and even fun, thanks to this app. Daily Budgeting Original is one of the best fintech apps to understand your finances better. With it, you can calculate your expenses, divide them into categories, and set savings goals based on your interests. One of the most thrilling features is that it has reminders that notify you of how much money you can devote each day based on your income and savings goals.


Wally hit the marketing in 2013, and since then, it has become an enormous success. Today it is available in 18 languages. His chief benefit is that it can be linked to bank accounts, creating a real-time budget based on income and expenses. If you work with Wally you can add photos of your receipts to keep your finances well controlled. Therefore, you do not have to enter the data manually, which is a big plus point.


Goin is an instrumental virtual piggy bank for saving. It is specially developed so that it can be used by everyone, even those without financial knowledge. It’s as simple as entering a savings goal, and Goin helps you achieve it with systems and methods. It is a free app and is available in several countries.


Brexit is a virtual bank that offers a card with fascinating advantages for travel lovers, especially outside Europe. The Next card allows you to pay in any currency other than the euro without commissions. In addition, it will enable you to withdraw money in cash at any ATM without commissions for currency exchange of up to 500 euros per month outside the national territory. With this virtual bank, you can also send and receive money.


One of the best fintech apps is Fintonic. A straightforward and accessible tool so you can manage your finances without complications. Like Wally, it can be linked to bank accounts and view all the operations you are carrying out, both income and expenses. In addition, if you need external financing from Fintonic, you can access loans from different banking entities at any time. It also offers insurance from more than 40 companies, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

These are the best fintech apps on the market. These have become essential tools in the daily life of millions of people because they allow effective control of expenses and income. They also help save and carry out some procedures.

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