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How to Download and Install Faces on your Apple Watch?

How to Download and Install Faces on your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch – Smartwatch users know they can get a lot out of it daily. If they can withstand their capabilities and battery, you can have a device that lasts several training sessions or weeks if it is not used exhaustively. However, a digital watch can offer many customization options, so we will teach you how to download and install spheres on the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch, A Reference Device

However, there are many gadgets in the technological market, and smartwatches are some with the most projection right now. More and more users have a smartwatch on their wrist, regardless of its brand or model. However, many are clear that their reference terminal is Apple.

We are talking about the Apple Watch, a device many manufacturers have as a reference for functions and design. It is not for less since it is one of the most expensive watches in the segment, and many buy for compatibility with their mobile device. However, the difference you should remember is that it has multiple unique customization options.

We will focus on this topic today: how to download and install faces on your Apple Watch.

How do you download and install Faces on your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch

Everyone has different tastes when personalizing everything they use daily: vehicles, glasses, accessories, and electronic devices. They should look at how their owners like them. Your smartphone is the clearest example, as well as tablets, fit bands, laptops, and smartwatches.

In the event of the Apple Watch, you can download and install new spheres in many ways, as you will see below. The first thing you need to know is that Apple has a feature to download all official watch faces, something you can do from the Watch Face Gallery section of the Apple Watch app for your iPhone.

Here, you will find a massive variety of designs. Some are very simple and only tell you the time; others are personalized, like Mickey Mouse, and others are focused on functionality. Among the latter, we have the Breathing function or the modules that show you the daily progress and the information the device collects about your activity.

In addition, if your Apple watch is compatible with the operating system WatchOS 7, you may be interested to know that you can already use other applications with faces. Installing them on your device is the same as installing the official app, so you have to choose the one you like the most and install it on your watch.

Apps to Download or Create Spheres

As far as applications are concerned, we give you some that you can use to install waits on the Apple Watch and create them yourself.


It is an application you can download from the App Store, with hundreds of options, thanks to its community of creators who upload them. You can select the ones you like the most and access them from direct access to the favorites section.


Like the previous app, it offers a wide variety of watch faces for your Apple Watch. However, it does have a feature that allows you to customize different aspects of a sphere. You can add different styles of needles and colors. Once created, you can save it and download it to your smartwatch or even upload it so other users can use it on their devices.

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