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More Than QR Codes, Functions With Codes On The Mobile

More Than QR Codes, Functions With Codes On The Mobile

More Than QR Codes, Functions With Codes On The Mobile – Recently, QR codes have made a great leap due to eliminating the classic menus in many bars and restaurants where we see the food and drinks that could be served. However, there are many more codes worldwide, and the possibilities are not just scanning them. For this reason, we want to show you everything we can do on our mobile with the codes.

The first article we should know is that the camera will be essential; without it, we will not be able to carry out the teaching processes. In addition, we do not need an Android or iPhone mobile. And one will suffice, and all the models and brands.

Scan, Read, And Copy Codes With the Mobile

These three functions we show you in the headline are the most essential and complete that we will be able to carry out, completed with other options that do not require the camera. But in addition to this, there are some additions, for example, in Huawei or Samsung, that we do not include this time since other mobiles cannot use them.

We refer, for example, to the detection of calories just by scanning a portion of food with the mobile camera, something that we hope will gradually reach all devices. Artificial intelligence can become very important around using codes on mobile phones, and we hope it will become more widespread.

Scan QR Codes With Mobile

The most basic but necessary thing is to scan the QR codes with the mobile, which most users have integrated into the phone’s camera. However, the option may be hidden and not easily made visible. For example, you don’t have to do anything on iPhones; just pointing to the code will show us a notification to visit the website.

As soon as we install it, we will have it in the place we choose to open it and scan all those QR codes we need. The app can be download after the Play Store for free.

Share WiFi key with a Code

One of the most valuable functions that we need to be able to read QR codes is to allow us to connect to the WiFi network without having to enter a very long password. This came to Android phones several years ago and has made life easier for users.

But this function has not yet been add to the iPhone, and it seems that iOS does not want to make this option easy, although it can be done with any of the available apps. Among some of the most popular on iOS, we find Share My WiFi.

On some Android phones, however, the best option is to use the Google Lens camera app, which is already on mobile phones, but this method creates quick access to the QR code reader.

On Android devices, we only have to go to Settings> WiFi and choose the one we want to share. This resolve takes us to a new tab with access to a QR code. To show to our friends or family and for them to read it with the previous steps. They will instantly be connect to our WiFi.

Copy Codes With Mobile

Although the options we have seen before may or may not be within our phone. There is an added option that neither Android nor the iPhone offers. Which is to copy codes with the mobile. Surely you have ever wanted to copy something you had in front of your eyes. But you did not know an option on your mobile to do it, because now it is possible.

We have to download the Anyline app on Android or the Apple App Store and configure it as our keyboard. Then when trying to write a code. We will click on the only button above the keys. Which will take us to the image we show you.

From here, we see access to codes such as:

  • Serial number
  • IBAN
  • Passport
  • Barcode
  • Enrollment

Its artificial intelligence works for us and puts the code on a tray to save. Us from manually copying it to the mobile. We have tried it, and the truth is that it does not fail.

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