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Always Carry Your ID or Passport With You On Your Mobile

Always Carry Your ID or Passport With You On Your Mobile

Always Carry Your ID or Passport With You On Your Mobile – Mobile phones are that device that accompanies us everywhere and has more and more functions, so it is not surprising that we need to carry our ID or passport on our mobile to save us from having to take our wallets. Although there are no official methods to do it yet, there is an alternative that we can use on Android phones or iPhones through Telegram Passport.

From the hand of the platform to keep you in contact, an alternative to WhatsApp, we will always be able to carry the documents that identify us and use them on online sites that require authentication. Before starting, we recommend you learn how to create a Telegram account, which we explained earlier, and the method to delete it.

How to use Telegram Passport

The system that Telegram uses to achieve these benefits is called Telegram Passport, and as you can see for yourself in the Telegram settings, the option does not appear. We have to follow a process to be able to activate it on our mobile and then be able to save the ID or passport, among other official documents.

This method was added in 2018, although not many users have implemented it. Its utilities depend on each user, but without a doubt, it seems to us an excellent alternative to always be identified.

How to Activate the Telegram Passport

Security is something that Telegram takes into account, and for this reason, it makes us follow some steps that not all users know. It is a series of tricks that will allow us to access the Telegram Passport option, ensuring that under no circumstances can someone impersonate us or get hold of our data.

We Activate the Verification in Two Steps via Telegram

We will start by activating the two-step verification that, among other things. Will ask us when logging in with our Telegram account on different devices and when we want to use Telegram Passport.

The process is straightforward and intuitive because, as you can see in the images, we only go to the Telegram settings> Privacy and security> Two-step verification.

After this process, we will have to enter a secure password that only we know. In this process, we will have to enter it twice. And finally, we can add a track that makes us remember it. We remind you that using dates of birth or proper names is not very safe.

After having done this, we have not completed everything we need. And now you must follow the following steps on the same mobile that we want to enjoy Telegram Passport :

  • We enter the following official Telegram web address.
  • We slide to the login with Telegram or Sign in with the Telegram button.

After doing this, it will direct us to Telegram, with the option already activated. But before saving the document we want. We must enter the same security password we created with the verification in two steps.

Save the ID or Passport on the Mobile

After completing the entire activation process and being within the Telegram Passport option. We will be ready to save the DNI or identification documents. Such as the passport.

First, we will have to complete our data without leaving any data. And then we will choose which document we want to save. Such as the identification card, which is the same as calling a DNI.

We will have to take photos of the identity document in front and behind. So that our data is validate with the ones we gave to Telegram. Finally, we will authorize you, and we can start taking advantage of Telegram Passport to carry our documents.

An Invalid Method on all Sites

Although we always carry our ID or passport with us in this way. We cannot completely forget about the traditional method. This idea is valid in some web portals that have applied this method with the Telegram API but not outside. This means that although it is a way to carry the necessary information with us. It will not be valid everywhere.

It could be a solution for an emergency, but we recommend that the DNI at least always go with you.

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