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Bingo – Definition, Popular Game, and More

Bingo – Definition, Popular Game, and More

Bingo is a game of chance in which players have a card with numbers. As the numbers are drawn, the participants complete their cards: the first to do so is the winner.

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A Popular Game Bingo

Bingo is also the winner’s prize and the establishment where this game takes place. On the other hand, the player who manages to complete his card must say aloud “bingo!” to announce the achievement.

A Popular Game Bingo

In bingo, a drum houses a certain number of numbered balls. At the start, each player receives one or more random number cards. One person takes balls out of the drum and reports each number that comes out. Whoever has the drawn number on their card must cross it out. In this way, the person who completes the card by crossing out all the numbers is the one who wins the game.

It is essential to point out that it is usual to play bingo for money: the individual who completes the card wins a monetary prize. Bingo can also be a fun activity without financial rewards.


There is no single version of bingo’s history. Some claim that it emerged during the Roman Empire, while others believe it was invented in 16th-century Italy. Regardless, many agree that it is one of the oldest popular games.

As a curious fact, bingo is also associated with collecting taxes from barbarians and potentates. For this, it is believed that they used a container in which they placed several numbered balls, one for each village, and the payments were made according to the results.

Online Bingo

In recent years, on the other hand, online bingo has become popular. In this case, the game is developed through software, and the participants can connect to the platform via the Internet.

Like all online propositions, it has its pros and cons. Let’s start with the advantages: it is much more comfortable than the traditional one since it is not necessary to scroll to access the game; Similarly, we can play without dressing up or putting on clothes to go out since nobody sees us; it can be played from any device with an Internet connection, so it is not even necessary to be in front of the computer; It has much more flexible hours than the traditional one.

The disadvantages are nothing more than the risks involved in giving our data to a stranger through a computer program. Although online bingo is very popular, before giving out our credit card number, PayPal details, or bank account number, for example, it is recommended that we find out if the company is reliable. To do this, we can search for opinions on social networks, trying to avoid comments on the corporate site, as they may be false.

As an Interjection

It should be noted that the exclamation “bingo!” is also used in everyday life when someone corrects or solves something. For example, “Bingo! I found the keys I’ve been looking for hours!” “I got a new job, bingo!” “I tried to solve the puzzle for several days until I realized the solution.”

Of course, this exclamation is not widely used by youth but belongs to previous generations. Although fashions are rotating, and this and other old-fashioned expressions may be in force again, it is not typical for a teenager today to say “bingo!” with this intention.

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