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Link Building Services: Testing Linka press

Link Building Services: Testing Linka press

Create Manual Links vs. Buy Links

Link Building Services: Testing Linka press – To position, we need links, but not just any links. Problem: Link building has a cost in terms of time (work) or money. When jumping into link building, the main hurdle is how to do it in a scalable way without incurring a  Google penalty.

As I told you in my post about link-building methods, Google doesn’t like automated links or links that follow clear, unnatural patterns. But that forces us to spend a lot of time creating links manually and unpredictably.

Generally, those who do not hire a specialized backlink-building agency usually resort to a link-buying platform.

These platforms are usually very well organized for the user, but scaling the process is once again a problem: a good link usually has a high cost (without going into the dangers of buying links if they are not marked as nofollow or hidden).

Why Use a Link Building Service like Linka press?

Why Use a Link Building Service like Linka press

This is where manual link-building services come in. As in all services, some specialists already have their techniques and processes fully refined to save time and get more links at less cost.

The backlinks that these types of services give you are free links, which anyone could get, assuming they know where they are. And if anyone can get them, why would you want that service?

Easy. Here you are not paying for the quality of the link itself or the difficulty of obtaining it but for acquiring a scalable method: some links at an affordable price and in a short time.

If you are going to resort to a few manual links in blogs and thematic forums to add quantity and variety to your link profile, I see it as silly to do it yourself unless you are already a crack at it. Don’t be fool: if you do it for the first time, it will take you a long time to do it well, time that you could dedicate to other tasks of more strategic value.

Advantages of Linkapress

There are more such options. But I decided to try Linka press ‘s most advanced plan because it offers a mix of link types I haven’t seen in other services. Since I don’t have my niches, and obviously, I wasn’t going to test the service with a client’s website. I tried Linka press with a friend’s niche, which I will keep secret so that it doesn’t get copycats.

The pack is like buying an umbrella link-building structure. With Tier 1 and Tier 2 ready and pointing to your website. The package includes 30 manual type links (mostly comments on your niche blogs and forums). Plus 10 links in press releases, the kind that is usually sold individually on other media link-selling platforms. And the best 10 links that point to the press releases. (With which you already take a good part of Tier 2 done).

The time investment needed to get the service up and running is minimal. And the follow/no follow ratio on links is pretty good, as you’ll see below.

This is How Link Press Works

The service couldn’t be more accessible. When you register and buy your pack. You go to a screen where you enter the URLs. You want the links to point to and with what keywords or anchor texts.

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