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The Best Chromecast Apps For Kids

The Best Chromecast Apps For Kids

The Best Chromecast Apps For Kids – Smartphones and tablets have become home entertainment centers. Thanks to the Chromecast options, we can enjoy the mobile apps on the TV on the Big screen and have a fun time with the family. However, like any self-respecting technological product, it must be enjoyed with control.

Chromecast was born with the idea of ​​being able to replicate mobile applications on the Screen of our television. Still, not all of them are compatible with the small Google device. In addition, contrary to popular belief, we can not only stream video from the smartphone to the Smart TV, but we can also play some games to have a great time.

Chromecast games are a great niche product. However, most of the names available for the team aim more at the smallest of the house. For this reason, spending time with our children with some simple games for TV is fun.

To use these apps with Chromecast, you’ll need the latest version of the Google Home app, a Google Account, and a display device with an HDMI input, such as an HDTV. Ensure you’re connecting your mobile device or tablet to the same WiFi network you’ll be using to set up your Chromecast device, open the Google Home app, and follow the onscreen steps.

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Angry Birds Go

Imitating the quintessential kart game starring Mario and the rest of the Nintendo characters, this game allows you to compete against the AI ​​or against your friends to earn rewards, upgrade your kart and become the best driver on Pig Island. You can choose from various Angry Birds characters (Red, Chuck, Terence, King Pig, Whiskers, and many more) and beat the circuit-packed campaign mode.

Best of all, you can connect your phone to your Chromecast and play with your friends and family in real-time multiplayer mode.

It is offered to download for free from the Google Play Store.

YouTube Kids – The Best Chromecast Apps For Kids

YouTube Kids was created to offer a more controlled environment so that children can navigate on their own in an easy and fun way. Plus, help parents and caregivers guide them on this adventure as they discover and develop new and exciting hobbies.

All the videos present in the app have passed a filter to verify that they are perfectly suitable for the smallest of the house, who will be able to personalize their experience while the parents choose the content to watch and the time of use


The best app for Chromecast, whether you are big or small. The streaming video application allows us to create a children’s profile with the series and movies children like the most. We can keep track of all the series and configure a list with the favorite content of our children.

Of course, you can send the app’s content to the TV to watch the best movies or children’s series on the Big screen from the comfort of the sofa. You need a Netflix subscription that suits what you need.

Just Dance Now

Just Dance is an interactive dance game from Ubisoft. And one of the few Chromecast games with an update in 2019. It uses an internet-connected TV to cast various songs, and then you dance to them. A figure on the Screen makes dance moves. And the challenge is to dance the same activities that the statistics do. It features dozens of songs, including 40 tracks from the Just Dance 2018 console game.


Similarly to Netflix, the Clan app allows you to have all the series. That star in the channel of the public entity at your fingertips. Here you will find titles of the stature of Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, or Pocoyo. In the app, you will find lots of episodes, contests, and activities for the little ones in a safe environment. And discover new games, activities, and surprises.

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