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With this Product, You will Improve the WIFI in your Home

With this Product, You will Improve the WIFI in your Home

Improve the WIFI – The internet is one of the most contracted services in Spanish homes. Still, with this among users, complaints usually come and go, and the regular reports operators receive are complaints about the low speed of the WIFI network. , but the good news is that a Norwegian startup has the solution to improve the WIFI in your home significantly.

This Norwegian startup called Domos touches Spanish land to work. It provides operators that offer internet service, a product that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve Wi-Fi in your home by up to 400%, which is truly impressive and possible.

Software that Promises to give More Power to WIFI in your home

What Domos offers to improve the WIFI in your home to the maximum is software that achieves the optimization of the router code in each of the houses, so it is a software that has the function of improving the quality of the signal. Its effectiveness is 100% proven since it is used with operators in Norway, and since its use, there has been a notable drop in reports due to failures in the speed of the network through WIFI.

With this product, what is sought is that people are more satisfied with the speed of the network in their WIFI, and of course, eliminate everything that can affect the power of the WIFI, since Bent Erik Skaug, who is the CEO of the mentioned startup, the quality of the speed is affected by the interference of the existing networks in the area, radio frequency disturbances with various electrical devices and other coverage problems.

But one of the aspects that most influences the quality of the speed of the WIFI network in your home is the installation of repeaters, and although it may seem incredible to you, many people see repeaters as a solution when they are helpful in a maximum 30% of cases, so most people who install what they get is to worsen the situation they have.

The Operators will handle it

Said Domos software is provided only to Internet operating companies in Spain, and the operators are responsible for its correct use with the routers of each client that has the service, for which they will be in charge of improving the WIFI in your home.

And concerning data protection, there is nothing that should worry you that the operators use this software because, according to the CEO of Domos, they never observe the content transmitted or that which is received by the devices, much less all the IP addresses that the user visits because that is part of their privacy and the right that they have for that content to remain private.

He emphasizes that with the software, they only focus on improving the service. Optimizing the download and display of any content. And adapting to the speed needs of each client. Undoubtedly. This Product promise is genuinely impressive. And the best thing is that it will be available for the speed quality of the WIFI in your home. In addition, it has already been verified that it is perfectly compatible with the GDPR.

Product Inspired by Mobile Connectivity

With this type of product offered by the Domos startup. The significant advance it has as software is notorious. And what proves it is that it confirms that it is a brand inspired by 5G connectivity. Which looks like the one that will arrive and will be available. Which would be facing the future technology focused on internet service.

And it is precisely for this reason that it is incredibly positive and significant. That the first country take into account by this startup. The use of this product outside Norway is a clear demonstration that implies a considerable advance. In terms of the internet, It arrives to improve and satisfy users’ needs. So your problems with the speed of WIFI in your home will end.

Domos decided to provide his great invention. To the Spanish country for various reasons, the main one being. That they consider Spain is a country with operators with quality. It is similar to Norway, and they even plan to open an office to continue development. Then in the words of the CEO, they highly value and admire the quality of engineering professionals.

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