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Principles of Document Management and File Organization

Principles of Document Management and File Organization

Principles Of Document Management And File Organization—Most people are ready to implement collaborative work. Therefore, the goal is that the GTD Task Management solution is in your head when your company is. The strength of the team is in each member, and each member has power in the group.

Today, we want to discuss the Cibernos Task Management (GTD) collaborative work solution. It is an ideal tool for organizing different tasks among collaborators from the same or other areas and sharing the documents generated or provided before, during, and after telecommuting.

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The Importance Of Correctly Managing Tasks in Collaborative Work

As you know, the collaborative model consists of the joint work of two or more people through exchanging ideas and thoughts and coordinating activities to achieve a common goal. Wikipedia could be a clear example of collaborative work since its aim is the free dissemination of knowledge through the collaboration of millions of users who constantly update and improve it. In companies, however, there are numerous projects, as well as accessible and open-source software, that serve as an example of collaborative work.

The Importance Of Correctly Managing Tasks in Collaborative Work

It stimulates personal interactions, with effective communication, coordination, and cooperation capable of strengthening social relationships within the company and reducing the feeling of isolation.

The strength is in the joining.

Differences Between Teamwork and Collaborative Work, did You Know Them?

Working as a team is essential, but even more important is learning to do it collaboratively to create more productive, communicative, and effective teams. We often refer to collaborative work as teamwork, and although they are somewhat related, they are not the same.

We tell you what their differences are:

  • Teamwork pursues optimizing results, while collaborative work aims to produce knowledge.
  • In turn, while teamwork has shared responsibility, collaborative work has individual responsibility.
  • The coordinator’s role is in teamwork but not in collaborative work.
  • In addition, teamwork presents organized groups to perform the task while people share knowledge directly in collaboration.

Numerous features make collaborative work and teamwork look alike. Because of these distinctive features, we can affirm that they are not opposing work models but complementary.

Work as a team and collaborate!

Task Management (GTD): What is it, And What is it for?

If strength is in unity, power is in GTD Task Management because it is the ideal tool for organizing activity between collaborators in the same area and sharing documents.

It solves the assignment and follow-up control of assigned tasks and organizes tasks in trays according to the GTD ( Getting Things Done ) philosophy. It is a method of managing activities that allows you to effectively collect a company’s functions. In addition, it is an ideal method of managing time and productivity.

The GTD method usually goes through the following stages:

  • Collection in inboxes.
  • Processing of entries to order them in the system.
  • Organization and storage.
  • Evaluation and revision of the lists regularly.

This organizational solution eliminates all the company’s structural shortcomings during teleworking and coordinates and monitors the activity.

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4 Things You Should Know About Collaborative Work

Take note of the following key aspects of collaborative work:

  • It implies that people coordinate and are involved in the necessary tasks.
  • A previous socio-technical system is needed with which all individuals can connect their activities. As a consequence, the necessary level of cooperation is achieved.
  • There is no strict formality between collaborators and the project.
  • The final result is that all the members who participated in the project contributed their grain of sand.

This collaborative work mechanism is said to be similar to that of a hive since there is no individual among bees but rather the community. In this way, all tasks are part of a common goal.

To End… – Principles Of Document Management And File Organization

Interdependence, personal responsibility, shared goals, and heterogeneity are part of collaborative work’s main characteristics. Moreover, it should be essential in all companies because of its values (humility, assertiveness, group and individual responsibility) and its advantages to employees and the company.

Now, the GTD methodology is possible. Do you know how and why you should implement it in your company? Do you have doubts? Talk later.

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