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The Best Telegram Bots to Do Anything

The Best Telegram Bots to Do Anything

Telegram Bots – If suddenly you have become a fairly regular user of the Telegram messaging application, you would have already realized that there are some things in the system called bots. Of course, this technology is not exclusive to the application, but it is one of the most useful for them.

This is one of the features, in addition to the possibility of using channels, that makes many prefer Telegram to WhatsApp and most of the other messaging applications that exist in the application market of our smartphone.

There are many of these ‘users’ in the app, but before reviewing the best ones, it’s worth pointing out what defines a bot and how they can be used in the messaging app.

What is a Bot?

It is not so easy to define what a bot is. On paper, we could say that it is a user to interact with, only that there is no one behind it, only an AI that acts receiving an order to carry out its task. You can chat, and they can even be added as friends to your contact list.

They are third-party chat applications built using the Telegram bot API and essentially automate processes. This is how they have been doing it since they came to the Risa app 7 years ago, which means that it is not, in essence, a very new tool.

Users can create and use all kinds of bots for almost Anything. For example, they can be asked to send any information, set reminders, play songs, place orders, and just about Anything else you can think of.

How Telegram Bots Work = The Best Telegram Bots to Do Anything

There are many bots on Telegram, each of which has a different purpose for which they are used. But before explaining each one of them, it is logical to learn how to use them on our mobile, regardless of whether we work on Android or with an Apple iPhone.

When working with a chatbot, you have to see it from the perspective of the company and the user. For the company, it offers advantages such as understanding the message raised by us and, based on those words, it searches the company’s database for what we need. Imagine you are a store that would show the products we need, opening a new sales channel.

But, indeed, if you have come this far, it is not because you are a company but an average app user. In this case, there are several situations where one of these automated chats can run.

  • One-on-one chat with a bot
  • Chat through a group
  • Activation of the Bot through online commands (Within a chat, write @+ the name of the Bot and a word that identifies what you need)

The easiest method to work with them is to add them to your Telegram schedule in the following way:

  • Open the app
  • Click on the magnifying glass to complete a search
  • Locate the Bot you need by its username
  • Choose the one you are looking for
  • Start a conversation with the Bot, and voila

When you start a conversation with him, you will first see the commands you can order him to carry out different actions in the chats you need.

30 Bots for all Tastes

Once we are clear about what they are and how they work, you can start looking for the bots you want as we have just indicated… or trust us and use one of these:

  • Newfileconverterbot: Perfect for, as its name suggests, converting any file that we have hosted on the mobile. Start a conversation, upload the document, and the Bot will give you the conversion options.
  • Botfather: If you feel like diving into the world of creating and managing these automated chats, this Telegram plugin is perfect for it.
  • SkeddyBot: One of the best Telegram systems to create reminders and alerts on the smartphone. It has several commands so that we do not forget Anything.
  • Gmailbot: A Google application client that makes it much easier to manage our mail. It connects your Gmail account to receive your emails as instant messages on Telegram, but it also allows you to write them from the messaging app.
  • Spotify_to_mp3_bot: A perfect bot to be able to transform the songs you have in your Spotify account into MP3 to listen to them at any time.
  • Gameboy: Bot in tests developed by the application gives you access to multiple multiplayer titles to hang out with your contacts in the app.
  • Tadam_bot: Like other applications like Shazam, this Bot listens to the music playing and allows you to recognize the theme and artist.
  • Airtrack_bot: A bot developed to track in real-time any flight that passes through our skies.
  • Filetobot: Cloud storage system that we can use as a private space through the messaging app.
  • BabelgramBot: This Bot allows us to immediately translate any text we want by entering it ourselves or activating it in any group.
  • TextTSbot: Useful Bot that allows us to transcribe into text any audio file that we host in the app
  • Voicebox: Unlike the previous one. This allows us to pass any text we write on the smartphone to voice and audio.
  • IMDB: The bot lets you obtain information on any movie or series. That is hosted on the website of the famous film site.
  • RAEBot: Program designed to consult definitions of words and any type of doubt. Regarding the Spanish language given to the Royal Spanish Academy dictionary.
  • FancyCharsBot: This Bot allows you to change the font of the text. Write so that you only have to copy and write it in the application you want.
  • Pdfbot: The perfect program to open PDFs, edit them and carry out any management that has to do with this type of document. We can use a system as a private space through the messaging app.
  • MisSeriesBot: Chat designed to be aware of your favorite series and the broadcast dates of the next episodes.
  • StickerBot – Telegram was one of the first apps to allow the use of stickers. This Bot will help you find many catalogs of stickers to use in the messaging app.
  • AndyRobot: Perfect Bot to learn languages since. We can converse in English with him to improve our command of the language.
  • ImageBot : Forget Google. This application program allows you to locate any image using its built-in search engine.
  • Game: Another application designed to entertain us by playing a good number of classic games, either individually or with friends.
  • Mp3toolsbot: A bot that allows us to edit our MP3 files. Cut or improve them on our mobile as a ringtone or whatever comes to mind.
  • Alertbot: Another program designed to configure alerts through the application and create reminders of all kinds.
  • MiTrackingBot: If you make a lot of online orders. This chatbot will help you locate the shipment using the tracking number. Regardless of the courier company that handles it.
  • Amazonglobalbot: A channel specialized in locating the best offers and discounts in the largest online store in the world.
  • Dicebot: A perfect chat to solve questions of chance. Since it only serves to throw a finger and show the result on the screen.
  • Exchangeratesbot: A bot that applies real-time currency exchange rates to us based on the market.
  • HotBot: Automated chat allows us to meet people and start a conversation near us.
  • Imc_calculator_bot: The application design to obtain the body mass index without requiring calculators to enter our physical data.
  • RandomChatBot: A bot developed to get in touch with other Telegram users randomly and start a chat with them.

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