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07 Jun 2023

By Doing This, I got the Games to Work Better on the Mobile

The Games to Work Better on the Mobile – The conditions of current mobile phones allow the user to play all kinds of titles for free from their device, be it Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and even Pokémon. That is why it has become a widespread activity among consumers, and precisely for this reason, it is worth making the most of its characteristics.

Screen, processor, RAM… they all work in unison to guarantee a guaranteed gaming session, but you can get more out of all of them. So if you want to go to the next level, you can’t miss our tips to improve the overall performance of your Smartphone. bile

Play Like a King – The Games to Work Better on the Mobile

Every time there are more advanced mobile games. Proof of this is the future release of Call of Duty: Warzone, but currently, there are already highly demanding video games for the device, such as Genshin Impact. This kind of delivery needs optimal performance to work, and by following our instructions, you will enjoy your favorite works like never before.

Close all Background Apps

When playing, it is imperative to close all the apps you have in the background, those that you have recently opened and are still running. In short, they are consuming system resources that are essential to enjoy gaming.

Losing these apps is as simple as opening the recent apps tab. To do this, tap on the three parallel lines on the bottom bar or slide up from the bottom of the screen, depending on whether you control by buttons or gestures respectively. A highly recommended alternative is to enable developer settings and limit background processes to restrict any activity:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to “System/Device Information.”
  • Tap on “Version” and tap on “Version number” numerous times.
  • Go to the Developer Settings option, which should appear just below the “System Information” section.
  • Locate the “Limit background processes” option and choose “No background processes.”

Activate the Game Mode of your Smartphone

Manufacturers are aware of the potential of their smartphones, and for this reason, they include functions to improve the performance of the Mobile in their customization layer. The game mode can be called differently depending on the brand, but the variations are minor, and you will be able to recognize the option instantly.

To enable Game Mode, you have to enter a video game on some occasions, and the phone will do it automatically; on the other hand, there are cases where you have to do it yourself, so you should know that this feature usually appears within the battery settings. This mode increases performance, resolution, and frame rate, but the power consumption will be much higher.

Eliminate Garbage Freeing up Space

To obtain outstanding performance when playing with your mobile, you must be aware that everything that is not necessary must be eliminated. For this, applications such as Files Go, developed by Google, show optimal performance.

The system will analyze your device’s storage in search of unnecessary files , such as apps you don’t usually use, repeated photos or videos… This way, you will get space for more games, and your terminal will feel more accessible.

Be Careful with the Graphic Settings – The Games to Work Better on the Mobile

Most current smartphone video games boast the possibility of configuring the graphic levels to enjoy a complete experience. However, the higher the quality, the higher the consumption of battery and system resources.

This means that, sometimes, it is worth sacrificing the graphics, however realistic they may be, to obtain guaranteed performance. This applies to lower-middle-range models that do not have much power due to an insufficient processor.

Adjust the Refresh Rate of the Screen

Today’s smartphones boast exceptional cases of 144 Hz refresh rate. This term refers to the fluidity of the image on the screen, so the higher the number, the better the content and animations will feel on the net. However, the mid-high range remains at a maximum of 120 Hz, and the vast majority only reach 90 Hz.

Regardless of the case, from our position, we recommend playing at 90 Hz since it is more than remarkable to play comfortably; perhaps, a rate of 120 Hz consumes more resources, and you may not notice it as much. To configure this option, go to the screen settings and locate the “Update frequency” or “Refresh rate” section.

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