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How does React Developers Better Cultivate Inner Strength?

How does React Developers Better Cultivate Inner Strength?

How does React Developers Better Cultivate Inner Strength? – ReactJS (referring to REAT) is the most popular front-end framework. Facebook develops it. It consumes developed quickly in recent years and has become a standard library based on the GUI component.

Although there are other front-end frameworks, such as Angular and vue.js, the uniqueness of rectal is that it simply focuses on component-based GUI development without other areas. For example, Angular is a complete framework with many features, such as relying on injection, routing systems, form processing, HTTP requests, animations, international support, and robust module systems that support lazy loading.

So if you already have some libraries to complete these functions, or you don’t need all these features, react is a better option. However, learning response is complicated, especially for people who have just been developed on the Web.

Blogger Javin Pablo said: “This year, I started to appreciate react; although I have web development, I have used HTML, CSS, and Javascript, knowing some of the fundamentals for front-end development, but when I study react, I still walked many apart. – In fact, I’m still insisting on learning.” His blog post recommended a big scramble to react’s development roadmap, outlining what react should learn, what to know, and what’s additional knowledge.

Basic Knowledge

Regardless of the framework you learn, this basic knowledge is necessary, that is, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; these three are the three pillars developed by the Web.


HTML is the first pillar, the essential skill of web developers, providing the structure of a web page.

Learn HTML can refer to “Build Responsive World With HTML5 and CSS3 Websites” ( on udemy.


CSS is the second pillar developed by the Web, which is used to provide a beautiful style to the web page. Learning CSS can refer to this Free Course (


This is the third pillar developed by Web, with a JavaScript web page to interact with. It’s also the basis of the react framework, so you need to master JavaScript before they react.

Learning JavaScript from Scratch can participate in “The Complete Javascript Course 2020: Build Real Projects!” (Http:// this course.

You can also participate in a comprehensive course and learn about these three technologies. For example, Colt Steele’s “The Web Developer Bootcamp” (, this class will explain to you all the skills required for web developers.

General Development Skills

Whether you’re a front-end developer, back-end developer, or even a full-stack engineer, you need to understand general development skills to get water in the programmer’s world.

2.1 Learning Git

Time until 2020, Git is the technology to master. They were trying to build some code repositories on GitHub and share the code with other points, learning how to download code from GitHub to your IDE.

If you want to learn, you can try this course, “Complete Git: The Ultimate, Step-by-Step Guide to Git” (

2.2 Understanding the HTTP Agreement(s)

To remain a web developer, you must understand and master the HTTP protocol.

I won’t let you read the HTTP standards, but at least familiar with common HTTP requests like getting, posting, putting, patching, deleting, options, and the basic working principle of HTTP/HTTPS.

2.3 Learning Terminal Commands

Despite the development of the front end, learning Linux or Terminal commands is not necessary. Still, I strongly recommend that you are familiar with the Terminal command and configure your shell (such as Bash, Zsh, and CSH). If you want to learn incurable and bash commands, I suggest you join the “Linux Command Line Basics” ( on udemy.

2.4 Algorithm and Data Structure.

This is also the basic react programming skills developers don’t necessarily need, but it’s the way to become a programmer.

To learn algorithms and data structures, you should read books or take part in excellent courses, such as “Algorithm and Data Structure Part 1 and 2” (HTTPS://www.plural,

2.5 Learning Design Mode

Like algorithms and data structures, design patterns are not required, but there will be many benefits to learning this knowledge.

The design pattern is a tried-by-test solution to a common problem in software development.

Understanding design patterns can help you find a lasting solution. You can read some books on design patterns or participate in the “Design Pattern Libraries” curriculum.

Learn Reacty.js

I finally got on the subject. You have to learn and master react-to-react development. The best learning information is on the react official website, but this may be too complicated for beginners.

Learning Construction Tool

If you want to be a professional react developer, you need to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the tools you need to use, such as build, unit testing, debugging, and more.

Packaging Manager

The learning path is mentioned in many packages, but you don’t need to learn all the tools. Just learning NPM and WebPack is enough. After you understand web development and react, you can explore other tools.

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