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The Best Radio Applications for your Android

The Best Radio Applications for your Android

Radio Applications – It would be impossible to live without music… Or at least it is for some of us. Although it seems unbelievable that the Radio continues to be successful, it is. It’s in our cars, homes… even on our smartphones. Many terminals come with integrated FM Radio; surprisingly, others do not. But don’t worry, if this is your case, there are plenty of applications that solve this problem and with which you can enjoy Internet radio on your smartphone. Here we recommend some.

1. Radio Tunnel

There are no surprises in the first place. Although this is not a ranking, TuneIn is the most favorite app on the list and one of the most popular among our editors. Find radio stations from worldwide among dozens of categories and the genres you prefer. This app has more than 100,000 stations and has access to countless podcasts and audiobooks.

TuneIn is straightforward and has a “car mode” with larger buttons, so you can use the application from your vehicle as if it were your car radio. In its Pro version, TuneIn Radio offers the retransmission of sporting events such as the NFL and MLB, content without advertising, and no listening restrictions.

2. Simple Radio

A straightforward way to listen to the music or news you like the most. Simple Radio is just that, with zero complications. It only has two tabs, one for favorites and the other for recommended, which offers you the most listened to FM and AM stations in the place where you are. It also has a search option to discover new stations worldwide.

3. Radios from Spain

We have excellent radio stations in Spain, and this application collects them all (or almost). You can search by province, make a list of your favorites and discover even the most challenging local stations in other applications.

The app also has a timer that turns off the Radio when you decide, for example, if you listen to the Radio before going to sleep and turn it on the same way if what you like is to wake up with a good song playing in the background or to listen to the news that mark the present.


With a design that reminds us of the image of Spotify, offers a wide selection of stations. In addition to the typical search section, it provides a favorites tab, where you can save the different stations and your favorite songs or podcasts. In addition, it has a team where you can discover much more: recommended editor suggestions, a top 100 stations, and even options to choose the genre of music that interests you the most or the theme of the news you want to listen to.

In addition, you can select the language, and will search for stations in the one you choose. The application is quite complete, and it is straightforward to use. It also has an alarm, something that most radio apps already have.

5. Jan go Radio

Jan go Radio is a good surprise: despite not having one of the most elaborate interfaces on this list, it has good audio quality even if your connection is not very fast. You can change songs from the lock screen and use the application on the desktop.

Jan go Radio also intelligently examines the user’s musical tastes and collects albums or playlists with songs from similar artists. You can access the artist’s biography and album information by clicking on the currently playing title.

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