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Wifi Passwords to Protect Hacker Neighbors

Wifi Passwords to Protect Hacker Neighbors

Wifi passwords To Protect Hacker Neighbors – Change the wifi password of your router and protect your connection from hacker neighbors so that no one steals your Wifi or can access your files.

“A character string that includes uppercase, lowercase, and numbers.” Okay, it is a good starting point that we all know to choose a wifi password. But does yours meet these requirements? How extended has it been since you changed it? And what is more important, do you know that routers have different security systems?

Check Router Security – Wifi passwords To Protect Hacker Neighbors

Until a few years ago, Internet providers delivered routers with WEP (“Wired Equivalent Privacy”) security systems. Without going into too much detail, this included 63-bit or 128-bit keys with two parts, one automatically generated and one configured by the user. What at first seemed very secure soon showed security flaws since the automatically generated key remained static.

This problem disappeared when this system was replaced by the WPA “Wifi Protected Access,” which generates keys automatically every few minutes. Most routers currently distributed have this WPA2 security system. However, it is worth checking that this is your type of security. Some of them do not come correctly configured, especially if your router is several years old.

Get into The Router

To see what kind of Password you have, you must enter the router. Type (or on some models) in the navigation bar and enter. He will ask for your username and Password that you will find on the card or instruction manual that came with the router. The screen’s appearance may vary depending on your router, but you will always find a section called Wireless Settings. Within it, select “Wireless Status.” Next, you will be able to see the information of your router and if it is using the WEP, WPA, or WPA2 system.

Switch From WEP to WPA2

Before starting this step, ensure your wifi card or device supports the WPA2 system. To do this, consult your service provider.

To make the change, you must enter your router, as indicated above. Select the “Security” section. Here you will find the option to select WPA2. If under it you find the WPA Rekey Group Interval option, you should know that it is the time interval in which the router generates new passwords. Select a time greater than 5 minutes so as not to subject your router to too much work.

Create a Strong Password

It’s time to create a good password for Wifi. In the same security screen of your router, you will find the field to enter it. To create a smartass-proof password, just follow these tips:

  • Exceeds the minimum eight digits
  • Combine letters, signs, and numbers
  • Forget birthday dates, weddings, etc. Remember that your life is reflected in the network, and this data is easy to find.
  • Do not use passwords already used in some Internet services.

A good trick when creating a strong password is to write where you want to live. Take, for example, “new york.” Let’s add some capitalized “new york” and, and here comes the tricky part, and we’re going to replace the vowels with numbers that are similar in shape. Thus we would obtain “N53v4 Y0rK”. According to popular wisdom, we’re missing one symbol to complete a bombproof password, so let’s add something to the space between words. “N53v4*Y0rK”

Finally, you must remember to change your wifi password from time to time. To do this, you must repeat the steps and replace the router password.

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