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Web Server – Brief Explanation

Web Server – Brief Explanation

About Web Server

Web servers are programs (software) used daily on the Internet. They intermediate between the server on which the data requested by the client is hosted and their computer, allowing connections through various data protocols, such as the well-known HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). In other words, these programs mediate between an Internet user’s browser and the place where the information they seek or need resides.

About Web Server

This term also refers to the computer itself (hardware) on which the files that makeup a website are stored, along with the software essential to comply with the web data connection.

Types of Web Servers

Web servers can be of two classes, depending on their content:

Static Servers.

This is the name given to the computers where the information the user seeks is stored and to the HTTP server that responds to the data request protocols. The requested files are sent as they are stored, whether or not there are errors, and that is where the name comes from.

Dynamic Servers.

In this case, these are servers identical to the static ones. Still, they contain additional software (such as applications and databases), which allows them to update the information requested by the client before sending it through the web.

Examples of Web Servers

Here are the most used web servers are the following:


Cherokee is a cross-platform web server in the C language and is available under the General Public License.


Nginx is a web server & proxy developed by the company under the same name in 2004.

Internet Information Services or IIS.

Its NT version originally included a web server and a set of services designed for Microsoft Windows.


Apache is an open-source HTTP web server developed in 1995 and maintained by a community of users, including the Apache Software Foundation.


A 1999 Apache distribution, Jakarta Tomcat, operates on the servlet (Java) principle.


In conclusion, we explain what a web server is, its classification, and examples.

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