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Artifact – Brief Explanation

Artifact – Brief Explanation

What is an Artifact?

An Artefactos, also known as an Artifact in English, is an object, machine, or device whose manufacture requires the application of a certain technique or technology and has a specific use or purpose. It is a word from the Latin arte (“arti”) and factos (“fact”), that is, an object “made by certain arts”, that is, “made by certain skills”.

However, the term “artifact” generally refers to some device or gadget that is unknown, poorly understood, or whose operating mechanisms are unknown. Thus, when a “flying device” or an “electronic device” is mentioned, it is expressed that very little is known about the technological object in question beyond that it is used to fly or that it operates based on electronics, respectively. Hence, the term can also have derogatory connotations when referring to a machine or an object of a specific size.

Artifacts are deliberately manufactured material objects with a single, pre-established purpose. They are not usually fungible. They do not typically consume themselves through their use, so their functions are durable or repeatable over time. They usually require specific expertise or knowledge for their correct use.

However, using the term “artifact” to refer to objects exhibited in a museum is not correct. This use is a transfer from English artifacts since that language relates to human-made objects that can be distinguished from natural objects. In Spanish, on the other hand, the term is more similar to the concept of “machine” or “device” than to “piece” or “work.”

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Examples of Artifact/Artefactos

Examples of Artifact_Artefactos

The following are some examples of everyday Artifact/Artefactos:

Explosive Devices.

Homemade or amateur bombs, often using fragments of other devices.

Illumination Artifact.

Different lamps, bulbs, and electric lights are available for everyday use.

Sound Artifact.

Devices emitting acoustic or sound signals, such as sonar or radio.

Electronic Devices.

Devices that use electricity to perform different functions, such as a television or a remote control.

Military Artifact.

Devices used in war, such as mines, grenades, and bullets.

Industrial Artifact.

Pieces of machinery that fulfill productive purposes, such as an assembly machine or a treadmill.

Telecommunications devices.

The devices that allow communication over long distances, such as cell phones & Bluetooth devices, use electromagnetic signals.

Technological Artifact.

Machines and devices whose manufacture and operation require a high level of integrated science and techniques, such as a cell phone or a computer.

Mechanical Artifact.

Devices and tools that use physics and force transformation to perform different functions, such as pliers or a screwdriver.

Culinary Artifact.

Implements are used in the kitchen for cutting food (knives), frying it (pan), and boiling it (pot), among others.


In conclusion, we explain what an Artifact is and in what contexts it is correct to use this term. We will also give you examples of different types of Artifacts.

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