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How to Effectively Manage Meetings with My Team?

How to Effectively Manage Meetings with My Team?

How Can I Effectively Manage Meetings With My Team? Maximizing performance and improving productivity are common goals in most companies. To achieve these goals, it is essential to learn how to manage meetings effectively, especially those with high positions and high costs.

Did you know that statistics say an employee wastes an average of 31 hours per month in ineffective meetings? According to the Think Big web portal, that represents a useless cost of 704,500 euros per year in a company with a hundred employees.

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Meetings are essential because they allow leaders to communicate goals and objectives to employees, provide a forum for employees to share their ideas and opinions on improving performance, help foster team spirit and employee commitment to the company, etc. Ultimately, meetings are the time and place where important business decisions are made and communicated.

Therefore, it is essential to organize meetings well and find an effective committee management system that makes this possible. This article will explain why companies need it and how to choose the right one. Are you coming with us?

Symptoms that you need to Improve the Management of your Committees

When it comes to choosing the right meeting management system for your team, it’s not all black and white. Regardless of the sector to which your business belongs, you need to coordinate the activities of the different committees and ensure that the objectives set are met, as stated by Beatriz Viejo, an expert in the Committee Manager tool.

Have you understood any of the following signs? They could be indicating the need to improve the management of your committees:

  • Noticeable reduction in performance and productivity.
  • The feeling of disorder and chaos in the day-to-day.
  • Lack of coordination between committee members.
  • Wrong decisions.
  • Significant investment of time in making decisions.
  • Absence of guidelines, procedures, and rules to be followed in the committee.
  • Increasingly complex business structure.
  • Geographically dispersed workforce, which complicates meetings.
  • Failure to meet objectives and lack of expected results.
  • Lack of motivation and interest among committee members.
  • Non-compliance with planned tasks.

If you feel these situations have become commonplace for your company, we advise you to continue reading this article. In the following lines, you will find a series of recommendations when choosing an effective management system for your team meetings. Or, if you prefer, leave us your information in this contact form so that a consultant can contact you.

The Ingredients to Choose a Management System that Guarantees Effective Meetings

Not all systems are the same, nor do all companies need the same one. For this reason, we have compiled the general factors you should consider if you have identified with any of the symptoms exposed in the previous section.

What companies need from a committee management system is:

Easy to Use

It should be easy to use, spontaneous, and not require much training for committee members to operate effectively.

Flexibility – How to Effectively Manage Meetings with My Team?

It should be flexible, allow participants to adapt to changing committee decisions, and be able to perform tasks efficiently.


It must be scalable, allowing the committee to expand and contract to meet its goals.


It must be safe, protect the information, and ensure only authorized members can access it.

Affordability = How to Effectively Manage Meetings with My Team?

It must be affordable. That is, it should not be too expensive to acquire or maintain.

What is a Committee Management System for?

Before choosing a solution for your meetings, remember that a committee manager is an organizational solution that:

Streamlines and standardizes decision-making.

Facilitates synchronous remote conferences.

Save commuting and travel.

Generate and publish the minutes.

Control the requested tasks.

It provides traceability in the processing.

Automatically prioritize issues.

Register matters by authorized persons.

It allows each person to act according to their role.

Launch warnings and notifications for each task that must be done.

And that’s not all. An effective meeting management system also allows everyone to know the state of affairs, thanks to the traceability provided by this type of system.

An Organizational Solution to Resolve Management Deficiencies

Think… Do you often spend excessive time in your meetings that are not rewarded? Does your company have problems derived from unstructured management? Do you handle many calls, messages, and paper documents daily?

Perhaps this is an excellent time to stop and reflect on improving meetings and management minutes. Although there are different types of management systems, and each one is different, in general, they allow discussions to:

  • Gain flexibility to manage issues and committees.
  • Be more efficient in automating the management of minutes, calls, and decision-making.
  • Improve coordination without participants having to be physically at the meeting location.
  • Save time and money, thanks to the fact that trips and displacements are avoided.
  • Easily integrates with other systems and applications to feed new issues or receive decisions.

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