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The Tool that Controls Your Business Productivity: SITUM

The Tool that Controls Your Business Productivity: SITUM

The Tool that Controls Your Business Productivity: SITUM – Where is Juan? Do your employees comply with the safety distance? How many people are in a room? How do you identify the areas in the company that need disinfecting?

After the confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, infinite needs have arisen that we were unaware of until then. Or better yet, we have adapted to a completely unfamiliar situation in record time. And we have done it well, thanks above all to the development of infinite tools that cover each teleworking standard.

From communication and access control to cybersecurity, motivation, and management of employees.

SITUM is one of them, and we want to tell you what it is and how it works. Will you miss it?

SITUM: What is it, and What is it For? – The Tool that Controls Your Business Productivity: SITUM

SITUM_ What is it, and What is it For_

SITUM is an indoor and guided positioning product that allows you to manage employees efficiently through indoor geolocation. In other words, with it, you can obtain the absolute geographical location of the workers within the company, which allows you to notice crowds, quickly identify the areas to disinfect and improve business productivity. You already know we need to work with safe and coordinated teams more now than ever.

After the confinement caused by the pandemic, it is time to return to the office, but how to do it safely? How do we ensure that the measures are met?

10 Essential Characteristics Of SITUM – The Tool that Controls Your Business Productivity: SITUM

The positioning of interiors has become one of the best tools for companies today. And we want to tell you why through its main features:

  • Employee monitoring in real time. This monitoring solution optimizes all employee activity and the facility management services provided.
  • Capacity control. Check that there are never more people than allowed or recommended.
  • Proximity alarms between employees. The distance counts a lot!
  • Guidance to specific locations. It lets you add an office interior map with step-by-step instructions. This is ideal for ensuring your visitors find the shortest route to their destination.
  • Alarms for access to restricted areas or time exceeded.
  • The identification of areas to disinfect.
  • Mobile device location.
  • Management of meeting rooms in real-time.
  • Access control to restricted areas.
  • Coordinate the maintenance of the company’s facilities.

But how do I implement SITUM in my corporate office? At Cibernos, we help you leap: We load and configure the plan of your building in the control panel and calibrate the facilities with the SITUM App, reusing existing “beacons” such as AP, IR, or Bluetooth sources or other additional ones if necessary, which the application uses to determine where the associated device/person is.

The indoor location provides security, productivity, and confidence.

Guidance And Tracking: Making The Most Of Indoor Positioning

SITUM is a crucial tool for all sectors, from offices to shopping centers, airports, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and more. This is due, above all, to the advantages provided by its three main functionalities:

  • Guided indoors. It ensures that visitors are on the most direct route to their destination, enables customers to interact to increase profitability, and improves the user experience in the building by eliminating wasted time.
  • Monitoring of work teams. It is ideal for monitoring mobile employees and equipment without dedicated infrastructure. It not only increases the company’s productivity but also increases safety at work, registers, manages, and adjusts the activity of employees in real-time.
  • Provide information linked to the position for maintenance or recreational work (museums).

The main advantages of implementing an indoor location system are:

  • Facilitates the maintenance of equipment and facilities.
  • It provides information about the activity of employees and the use of space to optimize processes and services.
  • It favors the ability to respond to possible changes.
  • Increases the safety of facilities and employees.
  • Improves coordination between suppliers and company personnel.
  • Improves reaction to possible unforeseen events.
  • It has a positive and direct impact on business productivity.

SITUM does not need a dedicated infrastructure and can be deployed immediately without significant investments. It is also an ideal solution for managing employees by geolocation.

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