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How to Configure the Auto Signature Feature for Android?

How to Configure the Auto Signature Feature for Android?

Auto Signature Feature for Android – The signing of documents is significant for those in the middle of an administrative process. And no paper is exempt from a user’s signature to the point where there is also a way to achieve it electronically. For this reason, if you are one of those who needs all your tools at hand for this type of situation, we are going to tell you how to configure the Autosignature function for Android.

What is Autofirma, and what is it for?

It is a fact that the world of the Internet and computers have changed the way we see the world. Also, to interrelate with people, as well as develop activities that are carried out daily.

Many examples can be given, from the case of those who buy all kinds of items online and those who hire services that they then use from their smartphone.

And this is where we want to emphasize a device that many people in the world have and an application that is more than necessary in our country when presenting an official document through the Internet.

Now is a special day for all those who start in the world of administrative procedures since they all have to know what Autofirma is.

This is software created by the Government of Spain so that users can digitally sign required documents that they will present to the public administration.

You can indeed sign a document, as we show you in the previous link, but this requires something that every Spaniard today has in their possession: the electronic DNI.

Current IDs have an electronic device that can be read in two ways to activate your digital certificate. You can buy a DNI reader at any store or use the NFC on your smartphone to start it.

Remember that you must know the password for this to work, and you will find it in the annex that the Police give you the same day your document is issue.

Of course, this digital certificate can also request at the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre. It also needs a password and is install in your browser or terminal wherever you use it.

This also speeds up the procedures, especially since you already have it installed.

How to Configure AutoSignature on Android?

Now that you know what AutoSignature is let’s get down to how interesting it is to set up the AutoSignature feature for Android.

Step 1

Naturally, you first need to install the application on your phone, which is a simple task because we will leave the download links in this article. It is call Client, the app’s mobile version that we present to you.

Step 2

Prepare your certificate. The application will detect if you have a digital certificate installed on your phone or activate. Your mobile’s NFC to read your electronic ID. Then enter the password for either of the two resources.

Remember that the ID and the phone must be in permanent contact, or the app will cancel all the procedures.

Step 3

Upload the files you are going to sign. To do this, click on the Sign file function and follow the application’s steps below. Wait for the app to finish the signing process.

Step 4

Now you can extract the document you wanted to sign. And you will have it in the folder of your choice.

Step 5

Go to the body to which you want to present the document. Fill in your data and attach the signed file from your mobile.

You have everything you need to sign an official document from your mobile. As you can see, the process is straightforward, and of the two options you have, we recommend the certificate. The reason is that you do not need physical contact with anything to operate your mobile without fear of failure.

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