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08 Dec 2023

The Best Free Music Players for Android

Music Players – In these times, many will think it is impossible to find users with music stored on their mobile. But this is not a reality as you feel, despite many applications that all the music files on the Internet offer you. So for all those who like to play the local files they have on their mobile, we will collect the best free music players for Android.

A Music Player on Android in 2022?

Yes, trust it or not, it is essential to have multimedia software to play the files you have downloaded to your smartphone. And it is that although there are other alternatives, you can lose the possibility of listening to them again.

Of course, this never happens for two reasons: the first is that the developers of the different operating systems create compatible applications that are basic to the device, however generic they may seem.

The second reason is that even if you uninstall this program or it is not included in the phone, you will never lose this possibility because, as you will see below, plenty of applications are available for this purpose.

Also, as you can read in the title, they won’t cost you anything more than the space they occupy inside your device. You no longer have an excuse to try the one you like the most, and sometimes you will see that one offers you more than you would expect.

The Best Free Music Players for Android

Let’s go to what interests us, which is to look at all the applications with which it will be possible to play music on your smartphone.

In most cases, we will offer you free applications, but remember that some of them have a premium system to unlock some other additional function or service.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music

Our first proposal is precisely that. And YouTube Music is the perfect one to act as a bridge between listening systems. On the one hand, the application will let you play all the content you have stored on your smartphone.

On the other hand, you can play the content of the video social network in musical format, where we assure you that you have a lot to choose from. In addition, as it is compatible with Android Auto, you can have this function from your car.

Shuttle Music Player

If what you are looking for is a player that is also beautiful, you may find Shuttler Music Player your best option. And it is that its interface is one of the most colorful and offers different themes to choose from. It also has its equalizer, which is very customizable thanks to its widgets and extra functions, such as the lyrics it gets from the Internet.


This is another of the best free music players you can install on your Android terminal. AIMP is one of the best-known and most widespread options due to its outstanding capabilities. The design is straightforward, and you may find it rudimentary, but it doesn’t detract from its capabilities.

And it is that this application has a ten-band equalizer to distribute the sound to your liking. It also has another exciting option: make playlists, perfect for combining the music you have as you wish. As if that were not enough, it supports many audio formats, from AAC to WAV, M4A, or TTA, among many others.

JetAudio HD

JetAudio HD

Another of the best applications that you can have on your smartphone when listening to local music is jetAudio HD.

This application can be convenient for you since it plays any musical content in its extensions.

But the signal is that it can play content from other connected sources. And it is that if you connect an external memory or you are connected to a network, you will be able to load all those files.

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