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How To Make a Product Catalog?

How To Make a Product Catalog?

How To Make a Product Catalog? – Each business department has specific needs, but understanding them is companies’ best tool to find appropriate solutions. Today we will focus on the marketing and sales department because we want to tell you how to make a product catalog.

It is one of the most effective ways to organize your offer, attract customers and increase sales opportunities.

Are you ready to create your catalog?

What Is The Product Catalog Of a Company

As soon as you have bought a particular product, primarily through the internet, you will see that most companies have a catalog in which they compile all the product information, from characteristics to prices, providing photographs, images, or videos.

This document organizes all the goods or services of the company so that users can visit it. It also constitutes the central axis of any business with an Internet presence. Look at the product catalogs of brands like Ikea or Media Markt to find out what it is.

Product catalogs are more common in e-commerce. Its main difference from traditional printed catalogs is that the online format allows you to enter more information, such as related articles, videos, extensive descriptions, and other details. In addition, it guarantees the constant updating of the data.

The main objective of this tool in companies is to allow the user to find what they are looking for more easily.

How To Make a Product Catalog?

There is no universal catalog, but thanks to the Lanzadera tool we put at your disposal in Cibernos, creating your record is much easier. We’ll tell you why!

Launching new products is a significant moment that you should pay the attention it deserves. Lanzadera is an ideal solution that allows assigning and coordinating tasks for the launch process of new products, with control of compliance with deadlines.

Make a successful product launch to reach more customers! We tell you what our tool is for below:

To organize the process of designing new products and the participation of all the departments that have to intervene in its realization.

It allows adaptation to the typology of each product and allows approved products to be automatically published in the commercial portfolio.

This solution helps you create your product catalog and guarantees the flow of tasks in the order of item specification, process control, traceability of operations, and decisions made.

6 Requirements For Creating Product Catalogs

When a company agrees to launch a new product on the market, it must communicate it clearly, without losing sight of its objective and main characteristics. If you are looking for the perfect catalog, we recommend you take note of the following requirements to take into account when preparing your catalog:

The product sheets are the star element of the catalogs, and it is the letter of introduction of your products to the public. These cards are usually accompanied by photographs, descriptions, and other visual elements.

Audiovisual formats are the ones that arouse the most interest in the public since they allow explaining in detail the operation of a product or service.

Considering these considerations, it is time to work to create your product catalog. Don’t forget to include the following must-haves:

  • It is the name of the product and must consist of keywords.
  • It must be clear and detailed. It must describe the characteristics and the primary purpose of the product.
  • The more pictures and the higher their quality, the easier it will be for the user to know the details of the product. Therefore, it is advisable to display images from different angles.
  • It is one of the main elements of any catalog. In addition to possible offers, discounts, or special promotions related to the products.
  • They can be presentation videos, launch videos, or simply tutorials on the operation of a particular product. Videos also commonly show specific articles’ characteristics, movements, and textures. Short of doubt, this is one of the most effective formats to capture the user’s attention.
  • Social networks. Allowing the user to share the content on social networks is a point in favor that facilitates. The virtualization of the catalog and the product.

Considering that the average abandonment of a web page is in 3 to seconds. Your business has that time to capture the user’s attention. The problem is that when this doesn’t happen, sales decline. And without sales, there is no business. We know that each company is a world and that each one of them has different needs.

For this reason, at Cibernos, we study yours and create a 100% personalized product catalog structure and design. Not only do we adapt this solution to the specific needs of your company. But we also integrate it with the rest of the solutions and processes.

Summarizing Shuttle

This tool is oriented toward launch management and comprises multiple functional modules: design, authorization, portfolio, and launch. The result? Customer loyalty, support in terms of approval and speed in advance or reaction, easy intervention, launch campaigns, and process control.

We are convinced that when the launch of your products adds value and is evident in its objectives. Customer loyalty is something that flows naturally.

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