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Analyze the Impact of your Brand on Social Networks: Social Intelligence

Analyze the Impact of your Brand on Social Networks: Social Intelligence

Analyze the Impact of your Brand on Social Networks: Social Intelligence – Companies tend to be very demanding with life and ourselves. We set goals and multiple dreams to fulfill. We all need short and long-term projects. But we have not come to prepare you to achieve the perfect life, the one in which you perform a million followers on Instagram or where you reach thousands and thousands of recommendations on LinkedIn and are highly valued by everyone.

Social Intelligence

Whether you are the policymaking of a large company, an entrepreneur taking his first steps or a curious employee, you may be familiar with Social Intelligence. What is it about?

Under this word, we frame two types of actions:

  • Analysis of the impact of our activity on social networks, direct and indirect.
  • Detection of discrediting actions and inappropriate use of the name and brand of the company

Today we will focus on the first concept, which is why we have come to tell you how to analyze the impact of your brand on social networks and what Social Intelligence consists of as part of the actions that lead to digital transformation. But before we start, we want you to remember this phrase: “In the past, you were what you had. Now, you are what you share” – Godfried Bogaard.

What leads Companies to Have a Presence on Social Networks?

Some of the main motivations that drive organizations to have a presence on social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and others are:

  • It is a good way of promoting the products or services they offer since they have a great reach with a minimum cost.
  • They improve the dissemination of content that reflects the company’s activity and communication with the client and other professionals.
  • It allows you to approach potential customers and interact with them.

However, not all benefits. The impact of companies on social networks can also have negative consequences, so they must be aware of and assess the possible risks of these media. Threats to companies and incidents on social networks have increased in recent years, causing activity stoppages, economic losses, and a bad business reputation.

Therefore, the impact of a brand on social networks must be analyzed, and to start it, tasks such as:

Analysis of the volume of conversation generated in the brand.

Diagnosis of demand through search engines.

  • Analysis of the virtualization of content in social networks.
  • Investigation followers’ behavior to know their profiles, interests, and perceptions.
  • Analysis of the connection with users on social channels.
  • Compilation of the relevance of the brand based on possible collaborations.
  • Review of the notoriety of the brand in social networks.
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of the investments made in social media, as well as in advertising.
  • Identification of new communication trends.

Finally, it is essential to remember that information on the internet does not disappear over time. Our actions in the digital atmosphere can negatively affect companies because they last over time.

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