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Digital Kit Program: 3 Cybersecurity Solutions To Discover

Digital Kit Program: 3 Cybersecurity Solutions To Discover

Digital Kit Program: 3 Cybersecurity Solutions To Discover – Do you know the Digital Kit program that the Government of Spain recently launched? It is a proposal for aid for the digitization of Spanish companies offered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. These grants aim to support the digital transformation of companies and freelancers.

We know that it is not easy to know where to start since the digitization solutions on the table are very varied: implementation of electronic invoicing, digitization of customer relations, business intelligence, electronic commerce, etc.

What is clear is that without cybersecurity, there is no business. Let’s start there. And for that very reason, we will focus on the cybersecurity solutions you can access through this program.

The Digital Kit Cybersecurity Solutions: Explained Step By Step

Before getting into the subject, remember that the Digital Kit program is a proposal for aid for the digitization of Spanish companies offered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. There is little there, but behind the program is an initiative that aims to make it easier for SMEs and the self-employed to adopt digitization solutions in different areas, such as cybersecurity. The objective is to provide beneficiary companies with basic and advanced security for their employees’ devices.

The Solution Proposal Published in The Boe is Clear:

  • Antimalware: The solution will need to provide a tool that scans the device, its internal memory, and external storage devices.
  • Antispyware: The solution must provide a tool that detects and prevents spyware malware.
  • Secure Mail: The solution should provide email scanning tools with some features: anti-spam, with spam detection and riddling; antiphishing, with detection of emails with links or malware suspected of stealing credentials.
  • Safe browsing: content control, anti-adware to prevent malicious ads.
  • Analysis and detection of threats: the solution must allow knowing the behavior of known and new threats.
  • Network monitoring: the solution must provide tools that analyze network traffic and alert on threats.
  • Early configuration and security updates: an initial configuration must be carried out for its right use, with the own updates of malware signatures and other data for the detection of intimidations, in addition to the mandatory periodic security software updates.
  • Special training requirements: In addition to the standard training requirements, the training given to the beneficiary must include tutorials for configuring the security software and a cybersecurity awareness kit to complement the solution with human firewall skills.

Now, This Offer of Solutions Can Be Summarized in Four Well-Differentiated Points:

  • Risk prevention and detection
  • Cyber ​​attack response and recovery
  • Information security in the company
  • Employee training and awareness

Although these are the general areas targeted by cybersecurity solutions, they may vary depending on the digitizing agent. Do you want to talk to one of our experts? We will call you.

Cibernos And The Digital Kit Program: Offer Cybersecurity Solutions

We recommend you enter our Digital Kit section frequently because we may incorporate new solutions. We will tell you what they are:

  • Annual Employee Awareness Service. From €1,670 for 10 employees to €2,820 for 50 employees (1 full year).

Human errors are behind the majority of computer incidents that occur in companies. Therefore, workers must become aware of everything related to cybersecurity.

  • Cybersecurity audit. Pentest Basic Package: €800. Pentest Advanced Package: €1,200. Premium Package: €2,200.

Any company can benefit from our cybersecurity audit packages regardless of its size and sector. The Pentest Basic Package offers an External Audit-Pentest that includes exploitation and post-exploitation. The Pentest Advanced Package includes exploiting and post-exploitation attempts, as well as filtering results and advanced search for vulnerabilities. The Premium Package consists of the Advanced Package, an Internal Audit (ISMS and controls), 2 websites, 2 domains, 2 public IPs, a review of management based on interviews, and internal remote vulnerability analysis.

  • Access and Password Manager SmartLogin. Access and password manager for up to 50 users for €3,200 (1 year).

Did you know that over 65% of people use passwords over 5 years old and 70% use the same key on several sites? Consequently, the risk of malicious intrusions against these companies is very high. SmartLogin’s solution, which centralizes security and access control to local and cloud corporate resources from any location and device, is vital for businesses. Strengthen security with real-time session monitoring, use security policies and alerts for users and devices, enforce single sign-on for all systems, and more.

With the digital voucher, you will not have to pay anything.

How Can YOU Request The Digital Bonus?

Enter the section of the Digital Kit program through this link and complete the form. Before, if you prefer, you can schedule a meeting with our experts. We will happily answer your questions about our cybersecurity solutions program.

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