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08 Dec 2023

How Can I Computer Protect My Company?

How Can I Computer Protect My Company? – Today, most businesses have high-capacity hardware and software, which allow them to carry out efficient and precise operations. It is recommended that companies invest time and capital to implement strategies that will enable them to maintain efficient computer security.

Technology is essential for global industrial growth, but many people are engaged in computer attacks, stealing confidential information, and online scams, among other computer crimes.

The following computer protection measures are essential for your company to work correctly and comply with the rules regulating commercial data protection. Recollect that it is better to be safe than sorry; therefore, avoid computer attacks that cause productivity problems, damage to software, identity theft, and loss of essential data, among other consequences.

These Nine Measures Will Help You Protect Your Business Through Computer

1- Strict Information Access Control

You should limit the number of people who access your business information. Implement a system that prevents access to specific users, customers, and sensitive or unnecessary data.

2- Use Strong passwords – Computer Protect

In this digital age, businesses access digital bank accounts, cloud services, content publishing platforms, social networks, and email, among others. Organizations that have adapted to new online business trends need to use strong passwords that allow them to trade safely and efficiently.

Hackers use many strategies to gain access to business accounts. Your passwords should be eight or more characters long and include a mix of numbers, upper and lower case letters, and any of the following special characters – * ? ! @ {} =. , ; : # $ / ().

3- Protect Your Email

Cyber ​​attackers send spam messages containing links or documents infected with spyware or ransomware. To avoid these computer attacks, you must use an encrypted message system and anti-spam filters. Although many contact channels, such as social networks, WhatsApp, and chatbots, organizations always use email to maintain efficient communication with customers and distributors.

4- Use Comprehensive Security Software

Efficient computing resources save costs and help maintain efficient information security. Therefore, you must acquire complete software that includes: a firewall or firewall, antivirus program, antimalware, and antispyware, among others.

5- Use a DLP Software

Data leak prevention systems are essential because they prevent some users from accessing confidential information and guarantee that human resources do not send relevant information outside the company.

6- Work in The Cloud And Make Backup Copies

Today, many cloud storage services offer a variety of monthly packages for organizations to protect their data. The providers of this service guarantee optimal data security.

Backups are adequate for quickly recovering information in equipment failure or unwanted computer attacks. You can use cloud services or storage devices to store your regular backups.

7- Train Employees

Your business can implement the cybersecurity above measures, but you should also invest capital in training your employees. The human resource must comply with the policies related to the use of information, must not open emails that contain viruses or malware, must only use private networks to access the company’s programs, and must be responsible for not losing devices that collect passwords and commercial information, among others.

8- Efficient Monitoring And Immediate Response

Implement innovative systems that help you monitor how your commercial information is being managed so that you will detect problems or failures in time.

Remember that preventive control prevents significant computer damage, which can drastically affect the productivity and privacy of your company.

 9- Trust Professionals

One of the best options for your company is to trust professionals. At Anexia Technologies, we carry out all kinds of advice, consulting and risk analysis so your company is safe.

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