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08 Dec 2023

Steps to know the Wifi password

Steps to know the Wifi password – Have you forgotten the Password of the wifi network? We show you how to see it from your PC, your mobile, and what applications there are so that you always remember your Password.

How to know the Password of my Wifi from the PC?

A password can be challenging to remember, so we always choose passwords that remind us of something important that we will never forget and have difficulty preventing them from stealing our Wifi. For this reason, what we will teach you today is especially useful so that you always know the wifi password.

Next, we explain how to know the [wifi password] from your Windows 10 computer. It will also work for all other versions of Windows. The steps to follow are:

  • Click on the icon of the wifi connection that you have in the lower right corner of your computer
  • Click on Open network and internet settings.
  • Once inside, click on Wifi
  • When you are there, click on Network and Sharing Center.
  • Now you will get different options, and you have to click on the name of the wifi network to which you are connected.
  • The Password will also appear, and an option where it says “Show characters.” Click here, and you will see your Password.

How To Know The Password Of My Wifi From The Mobile?

Every day it is more common for us to connect to different wifi networks with our mobile phones. Therefore, it is prevalent to accumulate passwords and then forget them. If you are one of persons who quickly forget your wifi password, don’t worry because now your mobile phone remembers it.

To know the wifi password from Android, we have to open the wifi section of the mobile Settings and click on Saved networks. Now tap on the network you need to see and click share to generate a QR code.

Scan it with the code reader of Len’s app. This way, you can decode the QR code, and a series of numbers and letters will appear that will be the wifi password.

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Applications To Know The Password Of The Wifi

There are different applications for our mobile phones that are useful if we want to know the passwords of the wifi nets to which we have previously connected or for those to which we wish to communicate at some other time.

These apps to know the [wifi password] is an excellent option to store passwords so that we don’t forget any of them and always have an available network at hand:

  • Wifi password recovery:

    with it, you will be able to know the [Wifi passwords] of all the networks to which you have previously connected.

  • OsminoWifi:

    shows you a map where you can see the closest wifi networks and automatically connects you to the one you choose.

  • Wifi Map:

  • works similarly to the previous one to guarantee that all users have a connection to a wifi network.
  • Wifi Analyzer:

  • provides you with all the necessary data about the wifi networks that are closest to you.
  • Wifi Magic: works with a database of passwords of public Wifi networks and makes them available to you.

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