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Get-Tog4 New Google Meet Features

Get-Tog4 New Google Meet Features

Tog4 New Google – Google developers seem to have taken measures of the demand in the video calling market. While the competition between Meet, Zoom, Facebook, and WhatsApp is fierce, they have spent the last few weeks beefing up the video conferencing platform’s services. In particular, on April 22, they strengthened the software by introducing their company’s artificial intelligence to improve meeting quality and user experience. They developed the following functionalities:

Tile Layout for Larger Calls: The expanded tile layout now allows web users to view up to 16 participants simultaneously (previously, the tile layout only allowed four people to view at once).

Present better quality video content with sound.

Low Light Mode: Meet can now use AI to automatically adjust your video to be more visible to other participants in less than optimal light conditions.

Noise cancellation: To limit interruptions during a meeting, Meet can now intelligently filter out background noise such as your canine barking or keystrokes when taking notes. Ether, or happy hour with friends.

Google Meet Premium is now free

The issue of data security is critical for users of video conferencing software. As the recent criticism against the Zoom app revealed, the general public is susceptible to this issue. Google takes a stand on personal data privacy by stating on its blog that the company has invested heavily in recent years to protect your privacy and make Meet a secure and reliable video conferencing solution. He also says his goal has always been to earn the trust of schools, governments, and businesses worldwide.

Google Meet takes a big step toward its users by opening its new features to everyone for free. In addition to security issues, consumers are very concerned about the issue of platform accessibility. This explains why many of Meet’s competitors have increased the number of people who can participate in video conferences or improved the display of meeting participants in recent weeks.

In a post available on the company’s blog, Javier Soltero (Vice President and General Manager of G Suite) announces that anyone with an email address can sign up for Meet and benefit from many of the same features as before. This means that starting in early May, and people will be able to enjoy simple scheduling, screen sharing, real-time subtitles, and layouts to suit their preferences, including an expanded tile view. They are offered to professional users or educational institutions.


Individual Accounts

Gmail or Google Calendar users can easily activate an account with their username. You’ll need to sign in to to get started. Meeting time is limited to 60 minutes for free service through September 30.

Group or Team Accounts

Google is announcing the ability to use a G Suite Essentials account for organizations that are not yet G Suite customers. The account will be free until September 30 and will provide access to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Business and Corporate Accounts

The Google Meet solution is used by almost 6 million companies and organizations that use the G Suite to increase their productivity from a distance. Google offers the following features until September 30:

  • Free access to advanced Meet features for all G Suite customers
  • Additional Meet licenses are free for current G Suite customers, with no change to your existing contract.
  • G Suite Essentials is free for corporate customers.

Schools and Academic Institutions

Many schools and universities around the world now use Meet. The software has become a current necessity due to the lockdown and even necessary support for secure virtual classrooms, parent-teacher association meetings, parent-teacher conferences, tutoring, and even social activities at school. . Meet is included in the G Suite for Education, which is used by more than 120 million students and teachers. If your institution already uses G Suite for Education, your administrator can activate Meet at no additional cost.

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