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08 Dec 2023

Software for 3D printing: key to success

Software for 3D printing: key to success – 3D printing is an innovative technology that makings a three-dimensional object through the superimposition of successive layers of a specific material. It is a process of creating physical objects in three sizes through a digital model. There are different procedures of 3D printing, and one of the best-known is dose printing.

3D printing advances

This technology is one of the main supports of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and it is expect that important developments will be made in 3D printing in the coming years, especially in the health sector. Researchers at Princeton University have manage to build a 3D ear capable of hearing frequencies beyond those currently heard by the human ear.

At the end of 2021, the first 3D-print house built in 12 hours was sold. The home is situate in the state of Virginia (Unite States) and has an area of ​​110 square meters. It was built with concrete, a very unaffect material. Now the Europe Space Agency wants to make a lunar place using this knowledge without the need to move materials from world.

For its portion, MIT is working on a method to create robots that can self-repair and self-replicate. Experts have advance the first 3D printing technique for robotics, which allows the printing of both liquid and solid materials at the same time.

Livestock farming produces between 14.5% and 18.5% of CO2 emissions globally, and many companies are working on 3D printing meat using vegetable proteins as a sustainable solution to feed the world’s population in the future.

One of the significant limitations today is the production speed of the machines. However, MIT’s Manufacturing and Productivity Laboratory has recently creat a printer that runs ten times faster than traditional models. In the future, the speed of 3D printing may increase up to 100 times.

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What are the advantages of 3D printing?

Also One of the main rewards obtainable by this technology for the industry is customization. Thanks to 3D printing, personalized products can be manufacture base on the needs and preferences of customers.

In addition, it lets the development of scale models to carry out a detail risk analysis. To this must be add sustainability since, with 3D printing, the life cycle of products and their ecological impact can be reduce. The processes of this skill use only the essential material, unlike machining, which produces a large amount of waste.

Finally, it represents substantial cost savings in companies of all dimensions and sectors of activity. While it’s true that the original cost of buying a 3D printer can be high. The low-cost materials and period savings deliver a return on investment in record time. There are case in which the amortization of the mechanism occurs in just two, we are a company that offers 100% customize software and hardware solutions. To meet the needs of SMEs. We invest all our expertise in each project. And you guarantee a 360-degree service thanks to our work system—maximum confidence. And security throughout the design process and subsequent implementation. We invitation you to contact us if you are interest in our services.

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