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Updates for Webmasters – Digital Marketing Today

Updates for Webmasters – Digital Marketing Today

Updates for Webmasters

Updates for Webmasters – Snapchat Launches Lens Web Builder for Business to Create Augmented Reality Campaigns.

This free feature will allow marketers to create Snapchat AR campaigns in just a few minutes. The lens can be made from templates or even from scratch in Ads Manager. It’s straightforward to use, so there’s no development required, and you can choose from hundreds of 3D objects or even upload your own. This is great as you can get creative and make your brand stand out on Snapchat. You must play with some elements, add your logo, name your lens, and publish it! Here are the Updates for Webmasters.

Updates for Webmasters

Reddit Announces ‘Trending Takeovers’ for Brands

One of the most common websites created, Reddit, has launched a new advertising method. Testing has been going on for over six months, and the ads have been placed in prominent positions in the search window and on the r/popular subreddit, with the Promoted tag associated with them.

The new feature is “Trending Takeovers,” the promotion placement lasts 24 hours. The price can be very high, but some more prominent brands will find it worth it. According to the results of the first tests, the average number of clicks for the brand acquisition was 5%, which is significantly higher than other platforms.

There is no unwillingness that Reddit is a trendy platform, but until now, it has been challenging to advertise on it. It is believed that most users have a high level of mistrust of all forms of advertising. It will be interesting to see how they react to this new type of promoted content.

Visitor Analytics Releases This Year’s List of Top Website Analytics Tools -12.03.2020

20 Best Website Analytics Tools for 2020 by Visitor Analytics summarizes the software that stands out the most this year regarding web statistics. Every website owner is showing interest in different data collected from a site. And there are various options available in the market for different needs. This can lead to massive headaches for website owners, who can get confused about which tool(s) to use. This list is valuable in finding the most suitable application for your company’s needs.

YouTube Removes the ‘Trending’ Tab on Mobile

Last week, YouTube announced changes to its iOS and Android mobile app, as the Trending tab now becomes Explore. In addition to the usual trending videos, this new tab will contain shortcuts to landing pages and the “On the Rise” category, where videos from new creators and artists will feature. You can recite more about this change on the Search Engine Diary and the YouTube support pages.

An Inside Look at the New DMARC 2.0 and BIMI Email Authentication

Because we are in the age of security (but also of personalized advertising messages), BIMI or the Brand Indicators for Message Identification standard can make email marketing more trustworthy.

BIMI does validate email senders, verifying that their data aligns with the domain of the sender’s brand. If the email passes each validation step, the brand logo will appear in recipients’ inboxes next to the sender’s name. This has two implications. One is that seeing the logo lets the recipient know the message is safe to open. The second is that having the brand logo is in the email will help senders earn more points regarding brand awareness and recognizability.

Moz’s step-by-step Guide on How to Rank Higher on Google Maps

Local search hasn’t been easy for SEOs to understand lately. We’ve written before about local search algorithms and the wave of complaints from specialists who saw the relevancy of some of the top regional search results decline.

With this in mind, the recently releases Moz Guide to Local Search is a valuable and necessary tool. If your focus as a website owner is to position your industry well on Google Maps, be sure to read this material. Local SEO done right can attract many customers who are unsure about what to choose. So, track this guide and learn how to stand out from the crowd.

Does the Coronavirus Affect Online Stores?

In recent weeks, the impact of the Coronavirus has been on the agenda of all companies, and we cannot neglect it in our weekly summary.

How will the Coronavirus outbreak affect business? Marketing Land addresses the question in one of its most recent articles, “Coronavirus and e-commerce.” Suppose you are an online store owner and think of online shopping. You will only see a positive impact from the virus. We encourage you to read this article and research what it takes to stay relevant in these strange times.

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