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The Top Apps of the Year 2024

The Top Apps of the Year 2024

The top apps of the year 2024 – 2024 have come to an end, so it is the best time to select the best apps of the year that we have left behind. We want to remind you of the importance of downloading applications only from official stores since the risk of them getting a virus is very high.

Bing wallpapers

This app was released in 2023 and has become a popular tool for customizing Android devices. It’s free and gives you access to all of Bing’s wallpapers in excellent resolution for mobile and tablet.

Note: The Top Apps of the Year 2024

The note is a clone of the well-known iOS operating system note application. The design of both applications is practically the same, offering the same functions. Notes can have text, photos, and even handwriting. The application allows you to see a list of recent reminders and preview them. It also offers the possibility of searching for content in the notes.

The Top Apps of the Year 2024


One of the most downloaded applications of 2024 on Android and iOS is the official one from the General Directorate of Traffic. Its principal function is to carry the driver’s license, the circulation permit, and the technical data sheet of the vehicle on the phone, with the same validity as the physical format. It allows you to check in a matter of minutes how many points you have left on your driving license, among other data. Although it is not available for now, in 2022, the DGT will give the possibility of paying traffic fines for the Smartphone.


During the telecommuting era, Slack is a 100% recommended application for all types of businesses. It is a channel-based instant messaging platform where people can communicate effectively and comfortably. In addition to having chat conversations, Slack allows you to make video calls by sharing the screen with the rest of the team members.


Moviebase is a 100% recommended app for lovers of the seventh art. It is a catalog with thousands of movies and series in which you can track which ones you have seen and which you have pending. The design is meticulous, and the application itself recommends content from different streaming platforms, such as Netflix.


Twitch is currently one of the biggest platforms out there. In it, you can find a lot of live content broadcasted by streamers worldwide. Many content creators have left to focus on YouTube, which offers primarily gaming-focused content.

Money Box

In Android and iOS, there are many savings applications, but this is, for many users, the best of all. It is straightforward, and this is precisely part of its charm. You have to enter a savings amount, the date you want that figure, and calculate how much money you have to save each month to get that amount on the date you have indicated.


Finally, Shazam is an application that identifies the song playing in seconds. It’s as easy as pressing a button for the app to listen to and remember the song. It has a visual and intuitive design, and the catalog is constantly updated. Since its launch, it has had over 1,000 million downloads on Google Play.

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