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Telematics Write For Us

Telematics Write For Us

We explain telematics, its origin, advantages, disadvantages, and multiple applications. Furthermore, it has humanistic relevance.

What is Telematics?

Telematics or teleinformatics is a systematic and technological discipline that arises from the union of the grounds of study and application of computer systems and telecommunications. Hence, telematics is interested in all computer data transmission systems, from global position systems (GPS) to different types of data transmission over the Net.

As will be seen, this is a vast field of knowledge. Still, it is the design, evaluation, management, and application of communication models to the transport and storage of information based on three different elemental planes or perspectives:

The user’s plane. Dedicated to the distribution and processing of ending information;

The signaling and control plane. Dedicated to processing information pertinent to the system itself and its interaction with the user for decision-making;

The management plans. It is dedicated to the administration of operational and administrative information of the system, as well as its interaction with network operators.

These three planes make up a global model, and each one is divided into subsystems known as protocol entities, which group together the different functions required by an interconnection of various systems.

What is Telematics For?

Telematics deals with the technical or material features of the interconnection of computer systems, which is vital in today’s globalized world, which is dependent on transactions and communications over long distances.

On the other hand, it covers applications of humanistic, social, and political relevance that cannot be secondary to the technological criterion, such as everything linked to tele-education, e-commerce, electronic administration (e-government), services of massive amounts of content and information, etc.

Origin of Telematics

The term “telematics” arises from the union of “telecommunications” and “informatics”, since it is fundamentally a crossing of these two fields of study. The word was invented in France in 1976 in a government report called the Nora-Minc Report, titled “Informatization of Society.”

However, the emergence of this field of study occurs under different names depending on the academy. For example, It may be Computer and Communications in the Anglo-Saxon academy or even communication (Computer + Communications). However, in many Spanish-speaking countries, it is preferred to use the name “Telematics Engineering”.

Telematics Applications

The apps of telematics have to do, for now, with:

  • The strategy of computer networks and better remote data transmission systems.
  • The application of the Internet to numerous aspects of daily life allows the facilitation and abbreviation of procedures.
  • Improve the transmission quality of existing networks through the combination of new strategies or new materials.
  • Design of new data collection or information transmission mechanisms, allowing more informed decisions in different areas: industrial, business, political, etc.

Advantages of Telematics

Telematics facilitates economic transactions efficiently and quickly.

The growth of telematics brings with it essential advances in technological and computational matters, which allow, among other things:

It reaches significant automation or remote control levels, translating into the possibility of carrying out tasks with minimal human risk.

Increase productivity and business visibility through new information collection strategies and decision-making.

It develops new forms of social ties and economic transactions, allowing great distances to be overcome efficiently and quickly.

Disadvantages of Telematics

The possible disadvantages of the application of telematics are not a consequence of this discipline but rather depend on how human beings use it.

For example, it can reinforce worrying aspects of our behavior, such as the social separation of future generations and the obliteration of jobs replaced by remote control networks.

It could also be used to design police and repressive protocols that serve to subjugate people politically. These possible consequences of telematics, as in many other technologies, depend more on the ethical and moral aspects of the profession than on the content itself in which it is interested.

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