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 Software Write For Us

Software Write For Us

Software – Definition – Infotech Homes

The term software is an English word that was taken over by other languages ​​and designates any intangible (and non-physical) component that is part of devices such as computers , mobile phones, or tablets and that allows them to function.

Software comprises a set of  applications and programs designed to fulfill various functions within a system. Furthermore, it is made up of user information and processed  data  .

The programs that are part of the Software tell the hardware (physical part of a device), through instructions, the steps to follow.

Types of Software

An application software is designed to perform one or more tasks at a time.

Software is classified according to its function as:

System Software.

Programs that give the user the ability to interact with the system to exercise control over the hardware. The system software is also offered to support other programs.

For example, they are operating systems or servers.

Programming Software.

Programs are designed as tools that allow a programmer to develop computer programs. They use techniques and a specific programming language.

For example, compilers or multimedia editors.

Application Software.

Programs designed to perform one or more specific tasks at a time may be automatic or assisted.

For example, video games or multimedia players.

Software Examples

There are many examples of Software, which are classified according to their function as:

  • Image editing software. For example: Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop, GIMP.
  • Word processing software. For example, I use Microsoft Word, Word Pad, and Notepad.
  • Audio software. For example: Adobe Audition, Abelton, Pro Tools.
  • Communication software. For example, Facebook, Skype, Zoom.
  • Design and architecture software. Examples are AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, and Revit.
  • Accounting software. For example, Loggro, Xero, and Nubox.
  • Operating system software. For example, Linus, MacOS, and Windows.
  • Virus protection software. For example, there are AVG Antivirus, McAfee, and Panda.
  • Programming software. For example, Microsoft Visual Studio, Xcode, and Lazarus.

Software and Hardware

Every device comprises the intangible part, the Software, and the tangible part, the hardware. It is the set of elements that makeup an electronic device.

Both Software and hardware are key pieces for the correct execution of a computer or mobile device. Users would not be able to run Software without the presence of hardware, and, in turn, hardware is useless without Software. Both are opposite but complementary, so they work together.

Each device comprises different pieces of hardware that can be electronic, electrical or mechanical and fulfill a specific function.

For example, a storage memory or a video card.

There is the leading hardware, essential for the correct functioning of the device, and complementary hardware, made up of accessories with specific functionalities.

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