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04 Mar 2024

iPhone 14 Calls Emergencies by Mistake: Be Careful at Attractions

iPhone 14 Calls Emergencies – One of the essential features of the iPhone 14 series and, in turn, one of the most unnoticed among all its novelties is accident detection. A function that can save your life or fail like any other tool on your device. This option is not perfect; some users have realized this when enjoying an amusement park.

Previously, the video of a content creator who checked the effectiveness of the iPhone 14 accident detector went viral, and the results could not have been more successful. The function is perfectly-recognized when a crash occurs, although it has problems if there are similar high-speed experiences.

Your iPhone 14 is not Crazy – The iPhone 14 Calls Emergencies by Mistake

This has happened to specific users visiting an amusement park and getting on a roller coaster. When they got off the attraction, they realized that their iPhone 14 had called the emergency services numerous times to report a traffic accident.

This is something that, according to The Wall Street Journal, is happening massively while individuals enjoy amusement parks. Reports suggest that a confident Sara White, a dentist who carried the iPhone 14 Pro on top of her while visiting the King’s Islands, alerted emergencies during her adventure at 80 km / h.

You can hear your iPhone 14 Pro call the Warren County Communications Center. An automated voice notifies the emergency services that “the owner of this iPhone has suffered a serious traffic accident and is not answering the phone.”

When Sara noticed the error in her iPhone’s accident detection function, it didn’t take long for her to call the emergency services again to report that she was okay. At first, it may seem silly, but this loss of time can be decisive in another dangerous situation.

A False Alarm

It should be noted that this tool to detect accidents not only asks for help from emergencies but also sends a message to the indicated contacts, such as friends and family. Without a doubt, an error can cause a lot of fear in the user’s loved ones.

The Wall Street Journal indicates that it is not an isolated case and that the iPhone 14 calls the emergency services when there is no danger. The Warren County Communications Center has up to 6 other recordings of a false crash detection at the King’s Islands amusement park.

Although indeed, it is not widespread, as more people decide to buy the iPhone 14 or any of its variants, the cases may increase. The American company itself they are not worried and affirm that “technology provides peace of mind, and Apple will continue to improve it over time.” On the other hand, some users point out that their new iPhone also made calls by falling while driving or right after.

Sizeable 6.1-inch Screen with a Notch

Sizeable 6.1-inch Screen with a Notch

This fourth-generation phone will feature a 6.1-inch LCD screen and a notch cutout at the top of the screen, according to Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) analyst Ross Young.

If we think about it, this information may have hinted that Apple was thinking of adding Dynamic Island to the fourth generation ‌iPhone SE, which could be a reality considering its possible launch date and that this feature will be present in the new iPhone models. These moments.

This source, who has a good history of giving information about the iPhone, had said that the company plans to launch a new iPhone SE in 2024 with these features.

We do not yet know if the notch of this iPhone will have True Depth cameras to facilitate Face ID like other models, something that many are looking forward to.

Some think it will not come with Face ID, but to keep its costs low, it will continue with the Touch ID fingerprint reader.

With the Touch ID Side Button and without the Home Button

Rumors and various reports, such as information from My Drivers and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, suggest that Apple plans to add a Touch ID‌ side button to the ‌iPhone SE, just like the iPad Air and iPad mini. The home button would no longer exist after the switch to an edge-to-edge display.

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